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Dont worry about who I am or what I do. I will introduce myself as Vash. I can be your best friend or your worst friend. Nonetheless, I have a double persona and am proud of it. Got a problem? Piss off. Want to be my friend? Fine. I will accept new companions and appreciate it greatly. I love meeting new people! That is all mortals. ^_^

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lancerevolution78 Report | 10/31/2011 2:31 am
xd I know, i was just trying to draw you out to find you hehe. You would be surprised how many people will come back to that with a quote so I can find them. Some people get so upset at these games. I had one guy calling me a douche because he wasn't smart enough to realize i looked up his other posts. rofl
lancerevolution78 Report | 10/31/2011 2:22 am
cluck cluck.
Terara Drakon Report | 08/25/2011 5:05 pm
Terara Drakon
> wo?!
Wh-why is Sexy Vash back? Why not infinitely sexier J?~ <3333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 9:30 pm
Terara Drakon
*licks your tongue and purrs* ^//w//^;; <333333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 9:07 pm
Terara Drakon
*climbs into your mouth and purrs louder* -//w//-
Meooow... <333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 9:00 pm
Terara Drakon
Meow!~ >//w//o
*licks your lips and nuzzles* ^//w//^ ~<33333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 8:56 pm
Terara Drakon
Meeew~ -//w//- *starts to shrink slowly and lays on your lap*
*wags tail faster* ~<333333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 8:53 pm
Terara Drakon
No wai- nngh...

*purrs loudly and wags tail* =//w//= ~<33333
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 8:49 pm
Terara Drakon
*holds your face away* N-no! This is weird! > ~o
I-it's like cheating but... not! Stop!~ > ~<;;
Terara Drakon Report | 07/15/2011 8:45 pm
Terara Drakon
> .o;; *falls over*
B-but... I want J! He's way sexier... ._.;;
J of The Wind

YES. I have a split persona. NO. I will not kill you. ^_^

You cant kill Sage Harpuia. ^_^Unless your Zero...

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