This Chick

Why hello there.
You've stumbled upon my profile so I guess I should you some things about me then?
Well my name is Chelsea
My birthday is October 4th.
I live in Ontario, Canada.
It's pretty bangin'

I really like body modifications.
I have a few piercings of my own, which are my eyebrow, my nose, my monroe, and my ears are gauged to 0.

I also looove to smoke weed, I thought you should know =D

I love to play video games, as in The Sims 3 and Guild Wars 2 mostly, but I do love Gears of War so very much. And Left 4 Dead <3

Uhhh, I like to play guitar.
Both electric and acoustic.

Zombies are so cool.
I wanna be one when I grow up.

Ask for anything else, I'll be more then happy to converse. =D