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var‧i‧ant  [vair-ee-uhnt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. tending to change or alter; exhibiting variety or diversity; varying: variant shades of color.
2. not agreeing or conforming; differing, esp. from something of the same general kind.
3. not definitive, as a version of part of a text; different; alternative: a variant reading.
4. not universally accepted.
5. a person or thing that varies.
6. a different spelling, pronunciation, or form of the same word: “Vehemency” is a variant of “vehemence.”

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Wow, Stuff.

[ Variant ] is back!

This is my journal about Stuff.



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Report | 07/10/2011 9:58 am


Hi! ;D

Report | 07/08/2011 10:08 am


hey speed boyy. redface
did that gurl ever develope enough brain cells to figure out aim?

Report | 09/13/2010 6:44 am


I DID get to wear my shorts once! =) around the house.
and ahh the weather has been a bit chilly, and the leavies are falling, but i've come to enjoy it. I mean when i get home it'll be 85 F again ha. and i have all these new European clothing i cant wear because they just consist of heavy wear coats and scarves.But yeahh, Finland is such a sweet little place

Report | 09/05/2010 1:09 am


Ooo! Honors Chemistry was amazing, I loved it! You feel like a real scientist.
It's flippin' cold ova here. I can't believe I brought shorts and no heavy coat.

Report | 09/04/2010 3:02 am


Helsinki for 2 weeks, (1st week in the city, than 2nd in a summer home on the ocean) then to Turku (the old capital, where all the castles are.)

Ahhh schoool! I miss it so much. Are you taking any special classes??
rickety rackety

Report | 08/29/2010 2:21 pm


Multitasking!! eating my zucchini custard bake, and packing for Finland. (((: What are you up to?

Report | 08/28/2010 10:08 pm


Hey there.
Haha, may be.
its simple

Report | 08/22/2010 4:43 pm

its simple

lol how is u
Robot Unicorn

Report | 08/22/2010 2:06 pm

Robot Unicorn

o well okay then i forgive you blaugh


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