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All the things

Just maybe I'll use this to vent?


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Call Me Satan

Report | 01/18/2018 9:50 am

Call Me Satan

girl same
i've changed mine like 3 times today
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Report | 01/18/2018 9:48 am

Call Me Satan

digging the current avi
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Report | 01/09/2018 10:03 am

Call Me Satan

Close to Dubai
Doha, Qatar
I think that's how you spell it
And I know man, she's pretty much walking too
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Report | 01/08/2018 6:22 pm

Call Me Satan

Pretty good,
Emma will be 1 in February
time has flown by since her dad deployed
been on Gaia a lot more lately
So that's been fun
my heart is feeling better as well
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Report | 01/08/2018 5:32 pm

Call Me Satan

hope all is well
miss you!
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Report | 11/22/2017 3:53 am

Call Me Satan

I already live in Texas lol,
And the bedrest was for cardiomyopathy and myocarditis
It is super cute, I take all the videos lol
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Report | 11/21/2017 9:42 am

Call Me Satan

It'll be like a year before we buy one if not longer cause we can't seem to pick a state to move to lol
I'm still on bed rest so all I do is watch her grow, she's almost walking man!
I miss working, but it's definitely nice getting to spend so much time with her
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Report | 11/21/2017 5:32 am

Call Me Satan

Hey doll!
I've been pretty decent
Just hanging with the kiddo a lot
She'll be 9 months on the 25th
We're also thinking about buying a house
How have you been?

Report | 11/10/2017 4:13 pm


Cute a** profile!
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Report | 10/29/2017 1:29 pm

Call Me Satan

Thank you so much!
I love yours as well and your new profile look!




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