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LOL, I'm black. HMU XD

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About The Girl <3

The basics: (if you at least know these, you're set!)
Fifteen. AND A HALF!
Giraffes and zombies are just my thing, ya dig.
I've never been on a Ferris wheel. Take me? <3
I brush my teeth in the shower. :S
Win my heart with Spaghetti tacos <1234
I collect paper clips, Monster tabs, and Sharpies!
I hump people religiously; watch yourself ;P
Sometimes I get a weird hankering to do laundry.

I am Ciara Layne.

Let's make this a little more interesting, shall we? ;D
-My nicknames are Swedish Meatball and Moose.
-Indigo is my favorite color.
-4 is my lucky number.
-I'm ticklish inside my belly button and on my right hip.
-I'm addicted to Sour Patch Kids, the musical Cats, and chocolate milk :3
-I'm not allowed to eat green M&M's.
-Born in Canada, raised in Mexico, reside in West Virginia. ;D
-Rub my tummy when it hurts and I'll love you forever!
-I'm single? Taken? It'll change tomorrow, so it doesn't matter.

I'm getting married, Gaia!
Xx_fun4all_xX, wowpvpgank, and iBatuhan <3 are now my life partners

Love Letters <3

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Opposite of Depression Report | 10/24/2010 5:34 pm
u got no1 to hug when its scariest scene?!? D:
whats the point of watching those lame things then
Opposite of Depression Report | 10/24/2010 5:29 pm
kinda sick biggrin
Opposite of Depression Report | 10/24/2010 5:27 pm
ha sure heart

For The Trees

D-T-F. All day, erry'day. ;D PM me for sexy time!
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Husbands: Xx_fun4all_xX, wowpvpgank, AnimoDamien-, and iBatuhan <3

Let's get married?

BEST FRANN = SleeplessChicago :3



Mah Lil' Creepers ;D