"As long as Kaname-sama is here, I won't be scared." -Yuuki

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"Me, too." -Kaname

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I'm Yuuki Kuran, formerly known as Yuuki Cross. I'm the sister and fiance of Kaname Kuran . My parents were Haruka and Juuri Kuran. They were murdered by my uncle, Rido Kuran . My memories were taken away, and my vampire side was put to sleep by my mother. I became a human, until recently, when my brother returned my memories. You may refer to me as Yuuki-sama or Yuuki is fine with me. My taste for blood increases as my memories of being a pureblood vampires returns. I am... used to be a prefect of Cross Academy. Kaname is always watching over me like a guardian angel. So, if you do me any harm, which I doubt will happen, you'll see to my onii-sama. I'm the best friend of Yori Wakaba, who has yet to know I'm a vampire. My foster father is the Cross Academy headmaster, Kaien Cross. He's a ex-vampire hunter, and he believe is pacifisim between the two species. Zero Kiryyu was a guradian with me. Until he tred to kill me. What is with him and killing the purebloods? Isn't the death of Shizuka enough? There's no need to slaughter the ENTIRE vampire race. And, in case you're wondering, I still think of him. But he hates me... Anyways... I'm quite close to many Night Class students at Cross Academy. As Pureblood, I have to power to control the lesser vampire's actions. Be a dear and don't mess with me, it's for your own good.
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Name: Yuuki (Cross) Kuran
Species: Vampire
Blood Status: Pureblood
Eye Color: Red-ish Brown
Class: Night Class.. Used to be Day Class
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Hm.. Day Class better back off.. Onii is mine. And Mine alone.
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Member Since

Name: Aylah
Age: 23
Hobbies: Anime, Dance, Reading.
Relationship: Single
Favorite Holiday: Halloween!!!
Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

List of favorite animes here! =D

Vampire Knight/Guilty heart
Code Geass
Outlaw Star
Gundam Wing
samurai deepr kyo
Shugo Chara
Sailor Moon
Kyo kara maoh
fruits basket

full metal alchemist
Yu Yu Hakusho
Lucky Star
Princess Tu-Tu
Cowboy Bebop
death note
sakura cardcaptor
ouran high school host club
rurouni kenshin

Yuuki Kuran & Aidou Hanabusa.
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Just Me smile
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So.. Now I have a Gaia family :3

Mom: ii lnoue orihime ii
Dad: Vocaloid Kaito Kunn
Aunt: Allison_Alli_Ally
My Little Sister : (RL)PrincessMoon10
Brother: Ghotride2000 (RL)
Brother: minatonamikaze21
That is for right now..

Hercules Taylor 2003-2011 ♥♥ RIP!!!
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So this is form Reinik and i heart it so much
she did it for my b-day and i just what to
say Thank's and you are a great friend!

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So this is from me lol to Reinik i hope she like it...
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†Guardian of the Night Class†
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Yuuki Cross? No, Yuuki Kuran, pureblood vampire princess. †


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Happy Thanksgiving
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Nocturnal Skully

It's been so long, how have you been <<
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xPrincess Rukiax

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Nice Profile.

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welcome back
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Heeeeey P:
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happy happy birthday!! c:
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Dunno if Ill be online to say Happy birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


I have not been on here like forever i guess i have been on imvu You can add me if u like that if you have Imvu heart I do miss Gaia is why im going to try to come on more I heart you all and miss you and Imvu name is -&gt; YukiHellz just tell me who u are if u do add me ty!! mrgreen