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Kazue-Hime Report | 06/22/2007 8:54 pm
Okies!! I'll try to come!!! ;_; Man, I miss you so much. <333
xXxWafflesxXx Report | 03/31/2007 11:51 pm
Hey Brittany

Im bleeding but i feel no pain
The sound of yells and screams are not going to stop me
but im here to bleed for my sins

I will die for no one but my self
risking my life for only me an no one else
I believe in one heaven i will never see

I'll continue to search till I die
see through the darkness that blinds me
searching for the one bright light

That shines brighter than any other
Ill die for myself
and bleed for my sins

love you

I got a new signature on my profile dont forget to comment!
Oh, I also joined this website called girl that makes profiles is really nice.
They also have really good bands...bye love you and miss you.
Kazue-Hime Report | 02/11/2007 1:47 pm
It's okay if it's late, but I need to give you one too... crying What to give...I dunno..what do you want?
xXxWafflesxXx Report | 01/18/2007 7:38 pm
The day your on Im stuck with Ms. Taylors homework. Its not fair but then again nothing is fair in life. Well thats all.Love you. Bye!
Kazue-Hime Report | 11/09/2006 8:43 pm
Hey Brittany! smile How are you?
xXxWafflesxXx Report | 10/30/2006 9:06 pm
You are never on you Myspace lover myspace is your space we all space on myspace.My teacher called me a tree hugger how rude.
xXxWafflesxXx Report | 09/30/2006 5:06 pm
Every one has to help write this story.
Kazue-Hime Report | 09/29/2006 4:59 pm
Who's Emiko? And I wanna help too...;_; Oh don't need me...V_V
xXxWafflesxXx Report | 09/26/2006 8:09 pm
Hey was up! Me and Emiko are writing a story and we both agree you must help. So please help.