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i accept randome friend reqests :3

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awsome people you cant have :P yes im greedy


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Raven Silverblade Report | 09/18/2012 5:07 pm
Raven Silverblade
Happy Birthday!
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thanks for buying,and nice profile btw!
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Asahi Tenshi
thanks for buying!!!! heart me not poor now ^^
The Agent Kennedy Report | 01/15/2011 4:53 pm
The Agent Kennedy
EmoNekoVampire Report | 01/13/2011 2:16 pm
nice profile it's so beautyfull heart
lif3_is_suckish Report | 11/29/2010 3:55 pm
lif3_is_suckish Report | 11/29/2010 3:52 pm
y do u keep hugging me,im just asking
lif3_is_suckish Report | 11/29/2010 3:50 pm
its a website for kids over 18 since you know its porn
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not much to say but im romanian and i love violin im one of those people who cant say no stare .I like cute kawaii things but i have been peged as the badass type so never was able to admit it >///<
i hear gay relationships are digsusting. And if you think so, hear is what I have to say...
It don't matter if ur gay or lesbian or straight because its not like love comes from the body. It's a connection to both souls.

╔♫═ ♥
╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝ ╚╝╚═╩═╝

Don't Label Me
I'm Not A ******** Soup Can

*~Kiss on lips = I love you~*
*~Kiss on nose = your special~*
*~Kiss on ear = I adore you~*
*~Kiss on shoulder = your mine~*
*~Kiss on cheek = friendship~*
*~Kiss on fore head = comfort~*
*~Kiss anywhere else = be carefull~*
*~Smiling at each other = I like you~*
*~Staring = your cute or pretty~*
*~Looking at each other = I like you~*
*~Holding hands = happiness~*
*~Hugs = they care~*
*~Slap on the a** = thats mine~*
*~Arm around the waist = i need you~*
*~Breathing in your ear = warming up~*
*~Raising eyebrows = flirting~*
*~Looking around = hide`n there feelings~*
*~Squeeze on hand = dont leave~*
*~Tear drop = im losing you~*
*~Crying = I lost you~*


When she stare's at your mouth
[ Kiss her ]
When she pushes you or hit's you
[ Grab her and don't let go ]
When she start's cursing at you
[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]
When she's quiet
[ Ask her whats wrong ]
When she ignores you
[ Give her your attention ]
When she pull's away
[ Pull her back ]
When you see her at her worst
[ Tell her she's beautiful ]
When you see her start crying
[Just hold her and don't say a word ]
When you see her walking
[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]
When she's scared
[ Protect her ]
When she lay's her head on your shoulder
[ Tilt her head up and kiss her ]
When she steal's your favorite hat
[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]
When she tease's you
[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]
When she doesn't answer for a long time
[ reassure her that everything is okay ]
When she look's at you with doubt
[ Back yourself up ]
When she say's that she like's you
[ she really does more than you could understand ]
When she grab's at your hands
[ Hold her's and play with her fingers ]
When she bump's into you
[ bump into her back and make her laugh ]
When she tells you a secret
[ keep it safe and untold ]
When she looks at you in your eyes
[ don't look away until she does ]
When she misses you
[ she's hurting inside ]
When you break her heart
[ the pain never really goes away ]
When she says its over
[ she still wants you to be hers ]
When she repost this bulletin
[ she wants you to read it ]


A lonely graveyard on the hill
Through twisted trees, I saw
Its occupants so very still
Beneath the windy moor.

I saw their lichened, grey headstones
In twilight's dying light
Atop this place of bleaching bones
As day passed into night.

They lived their lives until they died
Now laid beneath the stone
Bereft of love and human pride
Forgotten and alone.

At their cold graves, I deeply stared
Damp, chilling winds went by
As spectral, misty moonlight glared
I heard a ghostly sigh.

That ghoulish sound froze me with dread
This scene so grim and stark
So to my home, I quickly fled
On pathways through the dark

If you, at nighttime, pass that way
Have courage and take care
The dead await all those who stray
So heed my words, beware!

tears of an angel

Someone please tell me I"m not all alone
before the shape of my dream fades away.

I"ve been gathering the fragments of my sadness
that can be seen reflected in my eyes.

The cold rain soaks my wings
and I'm alone again today.
Like the ripples on water, my distant
memories within my heart are wavering.

Right now, I just want to quietly sleep
in a translucent wind embraced in wings.

A swarm of falling petal-like feathers dance down.
Someday, surely, I'll reach
the place that will be able to heal my lonesome heart.

I want to be loved and for someone to be next to me
But I can't seem to find tomorrow.

True love

Is beauty beyond words

Something that can only be felt by the heart

Not seen or heard

The world that can be created

Will always be lit and not faded

Hugs and kisses feels like bliss

Heaven on earth didn't seem to exist

Until the other half of one's life

Will become a future husband or wife

God has sent you something you may not deserve

And at times you may act absurd

The struggles some go through won't mean a thing

Because being together is everything

If we're all lucky enough we'll find that true one

Remembering the memories that were so fun

One can go it's whole life wondering if true love has occured...

But like I said

True love is beauty beyond words

A Breathing Tomb

Chisel a smile into my face,
This lump of stone,
This stone that somehow holds me hostage,
I'm encased inside.

I'm mummified with specious bandages,
Ever rolling bandages,
Trying so hard to aid my wounds,
And cover up these hidden scars.

But all of this is not healing,
All of this is binding,
My scars are ripping,
My wounds are bleeding.

My ignorance has seemingly ensnared me,
Now im blind as its so dark,
The dark that i tried to avoid,
I'm the bound prisoner.

As you walk up to this statue with my name,
I scream and scream! im here! im here!,
I'm inside here break me out,
But i know that you'll all walk on.

I watch the passing people,
My frustration and my anger,
Swhirling around me clinging to me,
Theres no release for my corroding disease.

I'm this rock that exists,
That will always remain,
I'm a breathing tomb,
Dead but alive.


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Proud Mommy of an artist ^.^


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Pandalema on 09/02/2019


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So many words go unspoken,
As we linger here in the dark.
There is a thing or two I wish you to know,
But all the words seem to slip away,
As you tenderly wrap me in your embrace.

Still I wish I could find a way to say,
I never thought dreams could come true
Yet you showed me that they do,
When you came into my life.
You set my soul free,
With every kiss we share.
That from the moment I saw your face,
These feelings washed over me
Like a tidal wave agaist the jagged shore.
Tell me you feel the same.
Tell me there is nowhere else you would rather be.
Then here at this momemnt in each others arms.

So many words go unspoken
As we linger here in the dark.
Trying to find a way to let the other know
How wonderful life is here together silent in the dark


Give me, give me, give me
Love to make me whole.

Fill me, fill me, fill me
Fill my empty soul.

Need me, need me, need me
Never set me free.

Want me, want me, want me
Touch my mystery.

Tell me, tell me, tell me
None can take my place.

Touch me, touch me, touch me,
Stroke my trembling face.

Hold me, hold me, hold me
Hold me with delight.

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
In the dark of night.

Pull me, pull me, pull me
Pull me at the core.

Drain me, drain me, drain me
Make me beg for more.

Tell me, tell me, tell me
What I need to do.

'Til you've gone to someone else
And I've become like you

A vampire's life cold and dark. A vampire's life a lonely existance.

My life is a hollow grave dead ground. The moon kisses while the sun stings and burns.

A vampire's life is dark and dence never dying but never seeing.

We are feared but then what do we fear? We have everything but it turns out we have nothing.

They want to be us, but in a vampire's life they want death.

Unending Life In Death

The death invades the silence,

the life I had, no more.

My death has become everlasting,

an immortal nightstalker I am.

The beauty of every blade of grass,

every bead of sweat overpowers my thoughts and I stand mesmerized for hours staring at and listening to nothingness.

I yearn for blood, deep, dark, strong undying blood.

It haunts me my thirst.

Age and time are never more I stand still while others rot.

I smell their decaying flesh calling out from the grave.

I am a monster of destruction that sees all and knows all.

I take life as I please to quench the blood lust unending.

I am never and forever alive in death

A vampires poem

Although raised as a child in the vampire court,
I crave independence and
shun your support.
With my new found power i can shift to a new hour,
It's my very own public transport.

You promised me

You promised me
That you would never let me fall
My butts in the dirt,
And you’re not around.

You promised me
That we were meant to be
What happened to that?
Were you lying?

You promised me
That you’d always be there
I’m looking around for you
Where did you go?

You promised me
That you would make everything ok
It’s not ok, and you’re not here
How did that work?
You promised me
That you loved me
I didn’t doubt you then
But I doubt you now


Blood leaks fom my wrist and onto the sheet,
If someone sees, i'll surely get beat.
Not by my parents, no they wouldn't care,
But by myself, it's more than i can bear.
The scars don't seem to fade anymore,
Cut upon cut, it's like it opens a door,
A door to a world where i'm the only one,
There is no pain, or joy, i become completely numb.
It provides a sick comfort, as weird as that may be,
But what can i say? these cuts have become me.
I wear hoodies and bracelets to cover it all,
That way no one will know whenever i fall.
I feel like i need to get a grip,
But deep down inside, i want the razor to slip.
That way i won't have to keep living a lie,
That way i can just lay there, and die.
No one will miss me, not one single soul,
They will just look, they will look and then go.
Leave me alone, like they did when i was alive,
I will never get their respact no matter how hard i strive.


You'll never see the scars,
or how ive taken this too far.
Living with you,
it was the only thing left to do.
I'm now living the lie,
its so easy to hide.
Breathing without the pain,
i might as well go insane.
The blade is my life line
with it, i'll be fine.
The things you'll never see,
are the things killing me.
Inside, im about to break.
Theres nothing left to take.
I'll cry all night and day,
and watch as you have nothing to say.
Because in the end
i'll never have to defend
the scars you'll never see.

vampires love poem

Immortality is the only thing i have left the moon has fallen and so has my blood filled heart,
For I have loved you with my immortal heart.
My heart is bloody and my eyes are dead,
For you I will die time and time again,
With my immortal life I can live longer then you can,
But I want to live a life with you,
If you will let me turn you in to a vampire then i shall,
But for me to live as a human is now impossible,
There for I am sorry.

Bye Bye Butterfly

You’ve lost your mind; you’ve lost your heart

The razor carves a bloody art

You flown off from afar

Just like a broken shooting star

Your wings are torn and scarred

Your cuts are open, your mind is flawed

Your tears are stories from your battles

You feel hated and so battered

Though in your shadow your gifts thus lie

While darkness leaks from your eyes

You’re on the verge of breaking

The building blocks are constantly shaking

Black and blue roses were thrown at your feet

You enjoyed your glory and stood from your seat

But now the dark has broken you down

You wings spread and your face turns into a frown

Your fear takes wind and lifts you into the blood red sky

And now everyone sings bye, bye butterfly

Your essence a legend that has flown by

Your broken heart now sings a sad lullaby

The untouchable

Every day seems like its gonna end
When the lights go out in the night
As darkness creeps upon me
And light shows my dream
This can only mean one thing
I got to take a risk
And keep moving forward
As i see every step that i take i lose my past
Stepping on a gate to a world unknown
I only have one goal
And thats never gonna make me bold
Cause every day seems like its gonna end the same way
And repeat over again
My life is like an open book
My life seems never to be changeable
The possibility to take control
Is most unlikely
I never had the perfect life
Not with all the drama i seen
No one in school cares of what I do
Thats why I hide
Thats why no one hears what i have to say
I feel like the only way is to hide
I feel like I have to change my path
By climbing rocks up so high
sailing on the clouds as the birds pass by
falling in love with someone
All the things that i dream
This is my fantasy
But when it comes bak to me
All i see is me in the mirror
Surrounded by people who don't understand
No one to tell what i feel
So why r my tears flowing nonstop
When i leave and cross the river
Why must i holds my necklace close
The reason is I'm scared to be alone
But hoping that if i lose someone it wont hurt as muc
Kawaii Vampire Sama
danny kuzo



My baby girl June

Bestie Friend who quit gaia T.T

My bestie friends lil bro he sweet

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