It's Me

I am Kurochi. I'm your basic black-wearing, hair-dying, playdoh-groping, happy person (whom is NOT a Goth) I am 4'9" and the doctors told me I would be forever. I have a license and, before you ask...YES! I CAN drive with out using extended pedals! I am in CYT (an amazing organization that saved my life) and will be until I'm 40 and living in my parents' basement. I basically love life despite my current stay in the over-populated prison called High Skool. I will not write without vowels and spell things in unusual ways in hope that people think it's "cute" (or whatever reason people write things like LOL and jk) And I would love to STRANGLE the girls in my skool who insist on using the shortened words in conversation. I also won’t use language morally found incorrect by the nuns that live in my skull (the nice ones) so no cussing on my page. I am an all-out supporter of gay marriage and gay rights (though, as far as I know, I'm not gay) and curse the latest elections in Colorado (where I currently carry out my high skool sentence.) I swear I will be done rambling after I mention one thing.....I am extremely obsessed with My Chemical Romance and I don’t care if everyone labels them as "sell outs" and me as a "poser" cause (call me old-fashioned) but I like the MUSIC and could care less about the world’s view on their stereotyped lives. That's all I want to say now... The end.