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Birthday: 08/20


My info :D

Hey The name is Stephani (:
I am 13 turning 14 very soon :]
I ♥ to meet new people
i am veryy easy to get along withhh .

I ♥to do art and enjoy my time at the beach
I am not looking for ♥ but i wuld be glad to be in it
=] uhmm letss see i ♥ the color Blueeee (sky blue)

I am a singer . im in Cheerleading and im not a preppy girl .
I am quiet and polite ,i♥ all my friends & my Haters smile
I love laughing and have-ing a good time xD
Well i hope u liked my information ! biggrin peace out

That up there was my friend. she did all of the writing, i just told her what i liked. i am now trying to change it so my pro is more... me ish.

These people mean the world to me

Jesus there's so much cringe. Im keeping this up so everyone can see it haha