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My smexy wardrobe

BITCHES buy these things for me!!! Jk


About Mesh

Hey Bitches... I mean hey pplz of Earth Im Bettina you might as well call me that Im so broke rite now give me money Im not begging just asking.... Well I am an anime addict and a comfy potato coach dont eat me X_X I am pretty much like show off My Zodiac is a Capicorn I am pretty not amused of me im not emo
I am capicorn I searched what im like so here...............

CAPRICORN FEMALE: Serious-minded, practical and goal- orientated, this lady is determined to get ahead in life. "Getting ahead" doesn't always mean a life of frivolous luxury, but it definitely means she wants to maintain a sense of internal and external security. Quietly ambitious, she often has solid work ethics and expects nothing but the same in anyone she redeems valuable. It is not uncommon for her to become "the rock of Gibraltar" for people in her life, but secretly she likes it. Besides, she has enough self discipline for two. By nature, she is cautious and can seem almost taciturn at times. Not afraid to be alone, she is not apt to jump into any relationship without long- term character surveillance. She doesn't consistently portray the Capricorn's reputation for being reserved and conservative, but she would be as rare as a sea goat (the symbol of her sign) if she wasn't aware of solid values and traditions. She may lack spontaneity and frown on risk taking, but her boundless patience and persistent loyalty makes her a prize possession. If you are looking for a dedicated mate with he feet firmly planted on the ground, this lady could be the one.... well bye
w8 try to give me this stuff to make thisUser Image
Total Value: 102,187,846 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Aquamarine UpsideDown Boots
Deep Azure Slinky Split Dress
Western Zodiac
ZONY Discman
Panda Hat
Blue Holographic Eyepiece

See my vid part 1!!!! But copy and paste it
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Me and my random feelings ^_^

A place for me to chill out sometimes it is private and sometimes not O3O I rate my journal 14+ hehe and sometimes I write happy stuff so ya hope ya check my journal out ^_^


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sandgod09 Report | 11/03/2008 2:16 pm
sandgod09 Report | 11/02/2008 10:55 am
Why are you bored?
sandgod09 Report | 10/26/2008 12:57 pm
That is pertty cool I hope he dosen't ttyl
hunthunter11 Report | 10/15/2008 7:28 pm
o, hey, yah nice to meet you too
sandgod09 Report | 10/15/2008 1:48 pm
Here *hug* dose that make you feel better? confused
DJ Hot Shot Report | 10/04/2008 9:32 pm
sandgod09 Report | 09/28/2008 2:09 pm
hahahahaha thanks what are you doing *hug*
sandgod09 Report | 09/27/2008 2:28 pm
I feel sorry *hugs to make fell better* I think you need to get a muzzel
sandgod09 Report | 09/24/2008 2:03 pm
wrong and cool
sandgod09 Report | 09/23/2008 2:07 pm
take a guess


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