Yes, this is me

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Gender: Female

Location: 16th century gothic castle in London

Occupation: adopted into vampiric royalty

A Vampire's Love...

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small bit of info on how I came to be

So, you want to know about me do you? Call me Aria. I was made in 1600's by my sire Malvric. He is one of the oldest vampires i know. I don't remember much of my past before I was turned, what I do remember is unpleasant. The only thing I can remember is the night I was turned by Malvric. I was sleeping in my home in London when I heard the fire of my fathers gun followed by a scream form sisters room. I ran to find a man standing at the foot of her bed. I told her to run out for father, but before she could get up he attacked her. He drained her of ever ounce of blood in her body. It was Malvric. I tried to stop him, I removed the swoard my sister kept mounted on the wall and drove it through Malvirc's back as he fed on my little sister. He droped her lifless body to the bed and turned to face me, the blade sticking though is stomach. He pulled it out and droped it to the floor. He walked twoard me his mouth covered with my sisters blood. My back was upagains the a wall when my father came in with his gun and shot Malvic twice in the shoulder. Malvric took my fathers gun and shot him in the head. My eyes were blury from my tears that were building up inside of me. I tried to punch Malvric in the face but he was to quick, he grabbed my wrist and pined me to the wall. I remember him turning me, I felt weak and dizzy as the blood left my body. What happened next I do not know if it is entierly ture. Malvric told me I fell to the floor, my heart was bearly beating. Malvric took the swoard from off the floor and cut his arm holding it above my mouth letting his blood fall into my mouth. I grabbed his arm and bit down drinking his blood, he pulled away and watched as I lied there writhing on cold wooden floor in pain. My human body was dying and my vampire body was being born. When my movment stoped I was a vampire. Malvric helped me up off the floor and ever since then he had helped me learn how to cope with being a vampire. Do I hate Malvric for what he did? Every day of my life. He maybe a monster but he is my sire, he gave me new life. So now I live in California looking like the rest of you weak, incompitant, simple mortals. I have brown hair and eyes that glow in the dark. My skin is pale and I have fangs (no seriously i do). To you mortals I look the age of 16 or 17. So now you know about me, I am not weak nor do I posses any odd type of power. My only powers are one every vampire has. I posses increased sences, in the sunlight my skin burns and if in it to long I will die, and I love to feed. So a word of advice to those of you who do not care to be my meal, don't mess with me.

Saw- John Kramer & Amanda

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