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-25/ Taken/ Mom of twins-
I play Minecraft on server: : My s/n is Vamp2004 . Come play with me! =3
My current Gaia age: 9 years old.. -sweat drop- That's a lot.


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DarkKittyMyauChi Report | 09/06/2012 10:38 am
That kool, Aww I bet your little one so cute. I like little babys.
DarkKittyMyauChi Report | 09/02/2012 10:22 am
That kool, Me to, 3nodding . My fiance live with me and college too. Almost done. ninja
Chamonde FlameBringer Report | 08/28/2012 11:20 pm
Chamonde FlameBringer
No cellphone and I Play Games on My PS 3 thats about it for the most part.
DarkKittyMyauChi Report | 08/24/2012 10:06 pm
Ok That fine. How are U?
Chamonde FlameBringer Report | 08/22/2012 6:24 pm
Chamonde FlameBringer
biggrin Hey sorry i didn't reply to your coment earlier i'm rarely if ever on Gaia anymore due to my addiction of WoW.

Koamaru Kai Report | 06/24/2011 3:13 pm
Koamaru Kai
ninja Kai ninja
john drwho smith Report | 06/13/2011 4:49 pm
john drwho smith
You should know how i am thats how i joke with people! Plus i insulted you ur damn guy said some rude s**t to me and all i said was hi! If and u say i need to grow up? I am what about you? If u don't like how i joke and pick on people or act on a retarded site Then get off my friendslist
john drwho smith Report | 06/13/2011 4:31 pm
john drwho smith
Well, Your pissing mum off you know!
john drwho smith Report | 06/13/2011 4:26 pm
john drwho smith
Well, why couldn't you tell me you know i'd be worried....Damn he's not anwsering!
john drwho smith Report | 06/13/2011 4:16 pm
john drwho smith
You seem grumpy as ever and i'm in a blissful mood..... And i'm sorri for pissing you off!


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^ Yes that is me.
-Photo taken on: 07/29/2008, Edited on: 07/30/2008-
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^Taken on 01/29/2009
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^Taken on 10/21/2009 -- Got my own Gaia Angel wing hat and a keychain Coco kitty. ^_^

Send me RP threads! Looking for something to do when I get online. At least Semi-Literate RP's please.

--Hey this is Vampy. --
Not really a whole lot to say about myself besides that I am currently twenty-two years old. My birthday is September 12th. I live in Norwalk, Ohio. I am a proud mom of beautiful twin daughters that are one year old. I am also a full-time Graphic Design student for a online college.

I draw, play guitar a bit, and play video games. I enjoy working on computers and making things. I would like to learn to do a lot of things in life but my current top goal is become a video game character designer. I would list the other things I would like to be but that would take to long.

Music is a big part of who I am. It always has been and always will be. In my spare time I read and find something to keep my mind occupied until the next thing comes along that catches my interest.

If you would like a piece of art done then just drop me a PM or a text to my cell. To get my cell number leave me a PM.

I am currently dating someone so don't leave me messages bothering me on dating. I stay to the person I am with.

Well that's a quick summary on myself. If you care to know anything else feel free to leave me a comment or a PM or really whatever.

I finally got my tongue pierced on August 10th, 2009. Eventually I want at least 4 piercings on my right ear and on the left. I want runes around my wrist. Got any idea's or want to draw up some pics for me I'll pay for them. Drop a PM to talk 'bout it.

My previous gaia names: Vampira Ishetaru, Vamp44857, & Vampy2

Add me to Facebook:
Add me to Yahoo/YIM: shiraybuderer

--Well enjoy my profile! =^_^= --