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What you should know about me is that im 17 my name is alex i live in oregon have 2 sisters a mom and a dad i do pretty good in school have lots of friends my best friend is trevor*he has a gaia his name is the last legendxv, tom, brad, Sara, Samantha, and Emily.. i go to high school of course.. play video games add me on xbox live im xx666xvx valley of souls was already in use.. >: ( * mmmm thats about all i can think of... so yea.. latter....


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dont blink....The beginning of this story actually begins a couple years back, after I saw a very strange video from this sketchy, glitched out website (I'll describe some of its contents in a bit). I've done numerous searches since, and haven't been able to find it. The title of it was in some unfamiliar foreign language. I don't know where it came from, or why it seemed to trigger these series of events. Nevertheless, I'll recount all of the events that I can remember. There are probably plenty that I've forgotten over time, but I'll do my best.What I can collect from my memories of the video... I remember hearing the sound of glass shattering very faintly several times, and flashes between many different clips. One of them that's always stuck in my mind, the part that I believe disturbed me the greatest, was the video went black for about 30 seconds, and slowly faded to a the shot of a puppy laying on some floor. The only part of it that was moving was its mouth and the rise and fall of its ribs. It appeared to be very malnourished, and was battered to a pulp. As if this weren't disturbing enough, the part that really got me was that its cry was that of a human baby's cry. The picture faded back out after no longer than 10 seconds, but the cry continued. I don't remember much else of the video, other than many distorted clips of eyes and the sound of static. Various short clips of the Holocaust were in there as well.About a week after I found this video, I had forgotten about it for the most part, and was living life pretty normally. This first encounter is the most vivid that I can remember, though. My alarm went off one morning on a Saturday. I hadn't set it the night before because... well it was Saturday. It went off once at 3:33. I turned it off. When it went off again, I have no idea what time it was. My clock didn't tell me the time. 6:66 is not a time. I grabbed the cord, and proceeded to rip it from the wall. Before it went off it read ERR. I shrugged it off as a malfunction of my cheap, off-brand alarm clock.A couple months later, while typing up a paper for college, I left my computer to use the bathroom quickly. When I returned, something along the lines of, "You can't un-see Hell." was typed where I left off. I found this spooky at first, but at the time I was living in an apartment with my buddy, David, so I assumed he'd done it as an attempt to scare me.Eight months after that happened, David commit suicide.The loss of my dear friend spun me into an abyssal depression, and I began filling up the gap my friend once filled with drugs. The fact that I was not sober during this next event leaves me questioning whether it really happened or not.I was lying on my couch watching television while under the influence. The wind was making a ruckus outside, flickering the lights every now and then. The wind stole the power for no more than 15 seconds, and when the picture on the screen returned, it flashed the image of that same puppy, only sped up and without the sound of crying. My show reappeared not even a second later.Nothing has happened since then. I don't know if any of those events are related, or if the last one is even true. But I needed to get this out there for David's sake, and for the sake of any poor souls that have also witnessed the video.

This is my gf i love her