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Xx Skullfinder xX Report | 10/20/2015 9:59 pm
Xx Skullfinder xX
Hello! You commented on my Message In a Bottle! I asked if anyone was willing to read my Legend of Zelda fanfic, and you replied, "What's it about? I know its legend of Zelda Which I love, Oh and what's would you say it's rating is PG13? R?"
I would consider it PG-13 with the direction it's starting to go. I wouldn't consider anything in it rated R, even though I have tried to make the story darker. There are no sex scenes, but there is a bit of swearing and violence and some gore, and the worst of it is in the next chapter I believe (of which I have yet to post, plus I'm re-editing and I haven't gotten very far in the story), but I cut out the most violent part of it because of the events that took place directly before. So again, only PG-13.
Here's the description: "The land of Hyrule has fallen to darkness because of an unknown evil that has risen. For nearly a century, the kingdom lives peacefully, unknowingly, forever in a Slumber until the day comes that the Triforce is revived within the two others who hold their respective pieces, and they can fight back and Reawaken the people. Will you join the adventure to save Hyrule?"
So basically what happens is that everyone that lives in Hyrule has been put under a spell that gives them a new personality to hide the Triforce bearers from whatever evil is lurking about, trying to find them to grant its malicious wish. The beginning starts at a girls' academy, the only girl's academy in Hyrule, and the reader learns that the people whose personalities were put to sleep are easily recognizable characters from the games. Throughout the story, the reader meets many different characters, (including one OC) most of them helping with the quest to save Hyrule from the evil before. (I tried to make this as spoiler-free as possible @-@) It has aspects from most of the games, but there are four main ones that this story is based around - Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess.
I have two websites for it, the first one is, and the other is (click on the names to go to the story). If you have accounts for either of those websites, I would love to see a comment from you on there, or in a PM here, telling me what you think about the story and where it's going! Thank you! (My, that took a long time to write! XD)

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