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Brittany Storyline:
Isolde the princess- Daughter of a queen of Avalon. There are four- Morgan le Fay, Titania, The Consort, and the queen of Brittany
The Horned Knight- Sworn Protector of Isolde. Has long-forgotten her name. Celtic.
The Magus' Daughter- Merlin and a faery's daughter. Capricious, as most fae. A quarter human, quarter dream demon-incubus, and half fae.
The Fairy Queen- Starlight Consort
Fairy King- Oft mentioned are his rainbow wings
Tristan (Knightoflamentation)
False Oberon. Stole that name.
Titania. Fictional, and yet exists here as a wish made by the false Dragonfly King.
Astraea, goddess of the stars and justice. Indifferent to mortals, hates the Valkyrie.

My Original Work!
Gods usually discard their old names when they ascend and are referred to by their titles.
The Doll-Guardian has no name-no individuality, and claims she is but a weapon for the Creator God
The Creator God is a piece of work... Unfeeling, sadistic, he does what he thinks is fun.

Unrelated to the Brittany storyline (could be diff world):
The devil from the alley
Ikeda Sen
Fiore the dumbass simp



astaroth, god of light, lumino, forgotten to time; they say she died in the great war, but...?

ocs in the wg!
please dont be mean im a neurodivergent child (older than 13, not specifying for privacy)
check out my art please




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Ichigo Arerugi Report | 09/29/2021 8:51 pm
Ichigo Arerugi
Neurodivergent adult here! I got you, fam! whee
Jiynn Report | 09/29/2021 10:06 am
Thanks for buying ~ Please come again gaia_sakura
tenshouin Report | 09/27/2021 10:18 am
i think your ocs are pretty cool to read abt !! 3nodding and love ur avis
GentleRalts Report | 09/23/2021 3:19 pm
yes my current is supposed to be queen from deltarune chapter two, even if i couldn't exactly find all the right items for her lmao

thanks for noticing!!
knightoflamentation Report | 09/07/2021 11:09 am
black cat 177 Report | 09/02/2021 5:55 pm
black cat 177
oh yours truly see your not a creator but a mere true god for this one would have dare you touch here that if you a true god afraid to dirty herself by merely touching
black cat 177 Report | 09/02/2021 5:36 pm
black cat 177
yours truly just told you hi yet this one speaks like a monkey always being misunderstood why must this be so sad wwhhyy this one do you god or demon hate this one so much crying
black cat 177 Report | 09/02/2021 5:23 pm
black cat 177
Miss Night Shower: Yours truly heard of a whisper of a song and it brought this one here just to say hi miss are willing to tell this one your secret and yours truly will show you something nice or funny maybe sad yours truly is eager to see your shame and uptight side until then by your true lover/ dream of me
Newt Appleroot Report | 09/01/2021 7:35 pm
Newt Appleroot
as someone who's on a big fate kick at the moment the constant references i see with your signatures rule by the way
Ichigo Arerugi Report | 08/06/2021 5:43 pm
Ichigo Arerugi
Your avatar is so cute! Is the dress just the one from Papillon, or is there some purple jewelry layered on there too?

art link

sussy bakas

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