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Hello, honourable guest ^-^
Lord ルンペルシュティルツヒェン and his Valentine Muffin welcome you

How do you do ? I hope you're doing great !

[ Special Thanks ]

Thank you Gaia Staff for picking me as your featured avatar

[ What do you want to know about me ? ]

Well, I'm a girl. Asian.
Already taken IRL by a wonderful gentleman since like forever.

Currently enrolled in an international university.

For me, life is ordinary beautiful.
I value common courtesy or simple good manners

We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough
Never take anything for granted

[ Quest ]

Your Art
Teddy March
Light Madelyne Hair
Warm Madelyne Hair

[ Favourites ]

Animal : Seal, Sloth, Dog, Panda, Penguin
Colour : White, Pastel
My hubby-boss ! IRL 9 years now
Then, my friends are the greatest blessings I ever had !
Some of them are great people (Ao Misaki, renaina, Lucavy)
coming from an old game that we used to play !

That's why I join Gaia too !
Friendship is a heart warming pleasure.

Do you want a cup of tea ?
A cup of tea can relish your spirit and sooth your senses

Thank you and please have a pleasant evening