Hello there and welcome to my profile~.

You can call me Val, Vale, or Tina. Or if you come up with another name, go for it.

I'm a total otaku, anime's my life and I think, as far as I can recall, my first ever anime series was Angel Beats.

I'm an artist, and I'm getting into the avi art business. If you want me to do your avi, go ahead and contact me! I'd love to.

I'm a young teen and even though I would technically be in highschool, I attend the local college. I've taught myself how to draw through watching anime and spending an obscene amount of time looking at Zerochan.

I roleplay, and have for about 6 years. It's my drug.

My Avi Art Page

I'd like to thank Bands_Make_Her_Dance for donating to me Custom Cut for my Dream Avi.


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Birthday: 11/08



Yuki and Tyler (Me and Aku)
[drawn by xmoonlitxdreamx]
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I know, I'm cute but...Really?