OMG! I can't handle it! Why did bleach end the way it did? Ok, I know why ot did, but I still can't understand!

My bleach RP character info: NOT FINISHED

Played by: {Angel Gheist}

I am known as:
{Izayoi Kenishito}

Though some people tend to refer to me as: {Izayoi Sama}

I lived for: { 15 years }
Race: {Human}

My Placement: {Kendo champion (normal, high stance, and dual wield) and 3rd degree black belt in Judo }

Alignment: {Neutral for the most part, not a bad person, just jaded after years of abuse from classmates due to their jealousy towards me, at least thats what I tell myself... and neglect from my family. ... It left me a little on the cold hearted side, but that doesn't mean I'll go out of my way to harm anyone. I do want a friend, but I just someone to connect to, on a deeper scale, something real! But today's generation, my generation, they cant seem to look past themselves or their cell phone screens! Ugh!
I can see dead people... I thought I had just manifested some imaginary friends to occupy my time an kill the loneliness, but they were alive at one point.
I have a ninja and a samurai that are always trying to kill each other, but i think they already did. }

Things People tend to say about me: {Lonely, don't even try to make any human contact, always readying my books. Guys love my curvy body for my age, not as endowed as Orihime, but still got a slaming body none the less. I'm regarded as a narcissist because I have a good self esteem and i compliment myself. Pfft, i only need my own approval thank you very much!}

Skills of Note: { Before I was gifted with my platinum band bracelet (with a red sapphire to adorn it) I took pride in my beautiful curves that got me the boys attention, and my physical strength, and I was able to move water with my mind! Upon receiving my bracelet, It gave me a sword and armor! Though, my body is very scantly clad still yet, my strength is unmatched }

Weakness(es?): {I have a fear of snakes and spiders, although I am known for my independence, being alone terrifies me.
My ranged attacks are completely non-existent, so I would have a hard time defeating a long ranged opponent}

Things that please me: {likes}

+ XXX with Ichigo Kurosaki emotion_awesome lol JK, being an aristocratic lady leaves you no private time with anyone of the opposite gender


+Ice cream

These things make me unhappy: {dislikes]

-fish and rice


- sitting still

My life has been like this: {My mother left me and my 5 older brothers, she took with her my older brother's identical twin and my older twin sister as well ( I do not know if we are fraternal or identical) I however, am not the daughter of her husband she left me with, or biologically related to my eldest brother, as he is from my mothers husbands first marriage. that said, he is the only father i have or ever will know, i guess.
I grew up in an aristocratic society in Kyoto Japan, my father was always over seas, or in tokyo, never at home with me. Actually, now that i think about it, I guess I must have only spent about 2 months a year with him since i was born!}

Zanpakutō: {Do you have a Zanpakutō, what is its name? Have you achieved Shikai and Bankai? What does it look like (picture or description)? Tell me about what it does}

Shikai Command: {what do you say to awaken your shikai}

Bankai Command: {How do you get to bankai? Do you have a separate command?}

This is me, like what you see?:

{Insert your picture or pictures,}

Anything else you want to add:
{ personal information }


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what is up ppl!!
corny, and stupid salutations, but hey i would like to know.
im new, so ya thats all. later




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i love your avi's lil fangs, so cute
puke senpai

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puke senpai

it really was redface
I wish I could help you out and buy your stuff but I don't really have the means to do so redface redface

good luck though!
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that outfit
thank you gonk

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It's no real biggy wink

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your background and youtube video got cut burning_eyes
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Max1 Effort

Love your username ~

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thx for the purchase! AND I love your avi! really cute!

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omg you're still on here blaugh

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Thanks for the suggestion! heart

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H A N - Y O L O

Of course! It looks great! c:


I need some new avi art...