Username | VainKitty of course!
RL Name | Madalynn |D . But please don't call me by this unless we're friends ; v ; .
Age | I only tell friends !

Short Blurb Now|Alrightie! Soooo.. the basics were already said LOL.... I guess I should say I'm a RPer, role player, and artist. (Rarely ever do commissions.) I'm extremely slow at doing both. Like once I start on something I'll go all ADHD. "OHEY TUMBLR WASSUP?" "Amg youtubez, got moar videos for me?" "whut what's that fb, want me to talk to friends" and repeat. LOL so yea... BUT IT'S ONLY WHEN I'M WORKING ON SOMETHING. ; v ; Sorta annoying tbh. Besides that.. personality! I'm pretty bipolar and I have anger issues.. so :I. I warned you. Not my fault if you don't listen/read/whatever you call it. I'm pretty nice though, so dw LOL. Not really the type to strike up conversations unless I randomly feel bold |D. So sorry if I just ignore you. I love classical music (it's calming ok), cats, art, clothing (whodoesnt), gurl stuff, making ocs, my ocs, my friends (specially ambs and hemmy and cierra), and photography, oh and cooking. SO YEA. hate everything else. c: