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27 / Gemini / Cuban / Engaged

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I guess I decided to be active again...
I'm Cuban American and 27 yrs old
Add me on skype unless you're just gonna try to hit on me and send me pics of your crusty ass dick. thnx don't need those.

DiscordTag: Vagitis#8975

My accounts and Old/Recent Usernames:
Poisonous Vagina
Lady Smexalot
Shaggy Nutts
Skanky Hoe
Chlamydia Face
The Rash in your Ass
Pimp Queen
The Psychedelic Monk

And it goes on, just can't remember right now...
I assure you though no more account or name changes for me.~

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NasaI Sex Report | 12/03/2017 3:17 pm
Eh, holding up. I'm not here often?? Sorry. If you got discord/skype/etc let me know tho
NasaI Sex Report | 11/19/2017 6:46 pm
Alright! Just starting to come back around for reasons. You?
NasaI Sex Report | 11/11/2017 10:03 pm
Shhhh we don't talk about how long it's been. How're you?
Valenas Report | 11/11/2017 6:56 pm
Ah, understandable. I am doing alright. I have the weekend off, but I work the next two or three.
Valenas Report | 11/11/2017 10:01 am
Everything alright in your neck of the woods?
Valenas Report | 11/11/2017 4:53 am
Kiss..My..Emo..Hands Report | 11/07/2017 8:24 pm
Oh man, I would love to have more warm months.
You're welcome! Awe, that's really cute of you guys

Probably not, we call it "worst case Ontario" for a reason. Though I do have to say there student loans are a lot better than what the west is offering (and my boyfriend lives there. I will drag him out after our schooling is done lol). Though I will move to where the next job would be so I can't guarantee where I'll end up.
This song I'm showing you explains my whole life pretty clearly and those of others in Canada (I even lived in Fort McMurray).
Kiss..My..Emo..Hands Report | 11/06/2017 8:33 pm
Makes sense now! I live up in Canada (I'm in British Columbia right now until the New Year, than I'm going to Ontario).
Oh, that is a really nice colour choice
Kiss..My..Emo..Hands Report | 11/04/2017 5:41 pm
Oh sorry! It's usually still winter until April/ May (depending where I am). Snow doesn't leave until mid spring.
Oh that's a different theme, I'm guessing light colours?
Kiss..My..Emo..Hands Report | 11/04/2017 2:17 pm
Ooh! That's so exciting!! Is it going to be winter themed?
That's alright you got time c: Awe that's so cool!