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As you can tell, my account name is "Vaginal Cakes"
but my real name is Bethany.
I'm sixteen years old
& live in sh*tty south Florida.
I don't go on gaia that much anymore
so just ask for my myspace if you want.
Music is my passion,
I generally listen to death metal,
but I like lots of other things too.
I'm a vegetarian,
don't waste my time trying to prove me wrong
with stupid sh*t
I wont listen.
I'm a b*tch and I know that.
I curse more then a lady should,
oh well.
I plan on moving to Australia when I get older,
not for anyone,
but for myself.
My friends are better then yours,
end of story.
I have anxiety,
and I'm bipolar,
but don't be afraid.
I'm generally a really nice
and positive person.
So if your not annoying,
talk to me.