18 years old
bday = March 30th
I live in America.
Music gets me past hard times
Italian and Mexican food<3
I can be a major perv at times and I'm very goofy, but I know when to be seriouss
I'm more laid back when I'm alone
I sometimes have little bursts of hyperness
I daydream.. a lot
I don't believe in bullying of any type,
The worst thing you can do to a person is put them down, pick on their flaws and torment them constantly. What you say DOES affect people, it DOES hurt them, and it DOESN’T get forgotten. What you do and say to people can affect them for the rest of their lives..
When I love.. I love hard.
I have a short temper.. it's mostly hereditary xD
I f*cking love county fair popped kettle corn
I'm not a homophobe
I love people occassionally, then I hate them at the same time
If I could own a red panda I would
I watch anime and love it
My fave naruto couple is Shikatema, mostly because my personality matches Shikamaru's, or atleast I think it does.. xD
Buffalo Wild wings<3
Skating rinkssssssss yes.
Oh and I think I failed at this profile thing.. o n o