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Gender: Female

Location: Yeah you would like to know wouldnt ya?

Birthday: 07/09

~The Words to Caress the Soul~

Why hello~

So, since you've clicked on me page, I might as well give you something to read.

> My name is Amanda . Be warned: I don't particulary like my name, so be careful if you do use it.
> But you may call me Riiko, or any other nickname you wish. n.n
> I am sixteen years old.
> Birthday is July 9, 1993. {I'm kinda young for my grade.}
> I'm straight/to the tiny slightest bit closet bisexual. I've only liked one girl, but she graduated...so..yeah..
> I'm in high school, and now finally a 'Junior' Yip Yip! Upperclassmen~.
> I'm a California girl, and lovin' it. n.n
> My school sucks, and its in the middle of nowhere. ._.;;
> I'm actually quite smart, top ten of me class. Though I don't act all stuck up or anything at all, in fact, people are surprised I'm smart. Thing is...I just don't care, I do the best I can do wihtout thinking about it. n.n
> Next year I ish taking: Honors English II, Ap Biology, sports conditioning {varsity sport}, Ap U.S. History, Photography or Art III, Spanish II, and Pre-Calculus.
> I'm random. Don't like it? Too bad. n.n
> I'm single, have been for my entire life. ******** relationships. Too much drama, I'll save it for later.
> I lurve my friends, both online and in real life.
> I'm quiet in RL, and kinda out of place. I'm not really a conversation type of person, and like to observe rather than talk.
> What else...ah yes, if you haven't realized, I like anime. It has kinda like shaped my life, I revolve around it. :3
> Yaoi ish me fav. No flamin'.
> I have a problem with talking to guys..I just can't do it. Believe me. I just...can't...I don't know what to say... .//.
> I love to roleplay. Lit-Advanced lit for meh. If your interested in roleplaying, hit me up. n.n (Note: I only roleplay yaoi. Sorry.)
> I hate noobs. Don't add me randomly. At least get to know me first.
> Hm...I've had a hard life in terms of friends. It's really dramaish. I won't explain it all.
> I don't like beggars. I donate only to my friends who I know well. ;D
> Talk to me. Although I don't like adds randomly, I love random comments/ pm's.
>I have to say it now. I'm a sucker for Sasuke x Naruto pairing. >D
> I love to draw. :3
>Psh...I ******** love emo guys. xDD
>I have a hair fetish. @0@"
> I'm pretty brain dead right now, so I don't feel like putting anything else up. nwn


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Elegant-soccer-queen Report | 04/20/2011 7:51 am
woe that was so long ago
DarkWolfLoveless Report | 04/03/2010 10:54 pm
if u will plz be nice may i have ur fallen wish when it expires..??
ryuzaki100 Report | 03/06/2010 12:43 am
it's nice to know that you aren't too obsessed!
the only time i actually watch or read something it's yaoi! XD
x__Divine Rhythm Report | 12/18/2009 11:40 pm
User ImageThank you for your purchase.User Image
wedi Report | 11/22/2009 5:05 pm
xX Toxiic_B U N N Y Xx Report | 11/12/2009 12:28 pm
I wish I had waited for you now... TT^TT
xX Toxiic_B U N N Y Xx Report | 11/11/2009 6:34 pm
I haven't even attempted homework
How long you gonna be on?
xX Toxiic_B U N N Y Xx Report | 11/11/2009 6:17 pm
That be fine ^^
He has no way of escaping anyway XD
xX Toxiic_B U N N Y Xx Report | 11/11/2009 6:09 pm
lol ^^
So true.

Wait, he's gonna forgive Vayne for orchestrating the massacre of his men?!
xX Toxiic_B U N N Y Xx Report | 11/11/2009 5:52 pm
So i tried to find another with red hair...
epically failed on four different sites XP

{Haha~ Just now getting to putting up new pics.}
Nerd day at school. xD
I'm on the right, Katie is on the left.

I BE HACKED! If you would still like to be friends, go to my new username: Mander Panderz.