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Hello, welcome to my profile!

Not much to say here. I am mostly here to dress up my avi I guess?
I collect Crabby, Popsicle, Alien Princess, Sad, Sugarbomb Pickled & a bunch of other themes.
Love me some strong & weird colo combinations and alien avis.
I also enjoy playing with backgrounds. Gimme all the bgs.

I do art, I have an art shop, but I am super slow as my mood to draw hits me very sporadic.
I love TMNT & Battletodads and several other cartoons with a passion.
There's a bunch of Manga I follow too, like Jujutsu Kaisen.

I don't rp on here anymore ever since my friends left Gaia.
I only rp on tumblr these days.

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Mister Piggy Wiggy Report | 02/08/2023 9:55 am
Mister Piggy Wiggy
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Mister Piggy Wiggy Report | 02/02/2023 9:20 am
Mister Piggy Wiggy
Selknam Report | 01/30/2023 8:28 am
OOoOoOo do you work? Study? Need to stay up for long periods of time?

I came back! It was awesome. A jazz camp in the house of this renowned bassist who had his home PACKED with instruments for us to jam from 9am to 4am.
Also master classes in music production and history of music and god, it was wonderful. I fell in love with everyone. Great human quality.
Selknam Report | 01/27/2023 4:05 am
Im pretty good! Gonna go camping in a few hours until Sunday.
Im supposed to ‘get up’ in a few hours but woke up earlier. Id sleep some more cause I only slept 4 hours but I figure im gonna have a really vivid dream or sleep paralysis lmao.
Do you ever get those?
Selknam Report | 01/26/2023 4:50 pm
Hey you. Lovely profile. Always wanted the cool ones but technology and coding was always a barrier hehe.
Mister Piggy Wiggy Report | 01/26/2023 10:28 am
Mister Piggy Wiggy

-Waddles towards her-

Lawaysa Report | 03/20/2022 11:21 am
Cute Avi🙂
the Lady Cane Report | 11/03/2021 8:51 am
the Lady Cane
Thank you! You're avvi is so cute!! heart
Bozu-kun Report | 09/18/2018 2:18 pm
thanks for buying the outfit. biggrin
HarmonicHanako Report | 06/17/2018 12:36 pm
Harmonic Hanako

Thanks for the purchse!