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Kitana Hiki Report | 05/25/2020 8:06 pm
Kitana Hiki
Happy birthdayyyyyyyy!
Kitana Hiki Report | 05/14/2018 5:55 am
Kitana Hiki
Hey yoooo =)
iFaiji Report | 05/25/2017 8:41 pm
chandy <3 happy bday c:
Ryoka Saphron Report | 05/25/2017 1:06 am
Ryoka Saphron
Haaaappy birthday!
Hope you have a great day! heart
Chai Senpai Report | 03/19/2017 4:12 pm
Chai Senpai
yus! r4 bump is da best. It doesn't work well in BL though. xp Kam's a** is 2 fat 4 dat. dramallama
Chai Senpai Report | 03/19/2017 2:27 pm
Chai Senpai
I iz very trustworthy blaugh You tank, I'll r4 bump NF. Sound good? biggrin
Chai Senpai Report | 03/19/2017 1:39 pm
Chai Senpai
but i'm forever nub emotion_awesome
Chai Senpai Report | 03/19/2017 6:05 am
Chai Senpai
Yeah but BL runs take so long gonk A good run is like 3-4 hours. But if I ever have a free time, I'm game. xd
Chai Senpai Report | 03/18/2017 8:39 pm
Chai Senpai
We'll have to do a run again! Shame about hope, we all had some fun times together! I need to work on my YM tanking. I feel like such a n00b LOL.
Chai Senpai Report | 03/18/2017 1:39 pm
Chai Senpai
Hai! How u've been? Do any dms or zomg lately? we should crew again sometime! I haven't seen Hope around, have u?


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lolz most this is 3 years old^


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