I live in a little village in the Czech Repulic. Czech Republic is the heart of Europe and my language is Czech (of course). That means i still study English and more. Please, don't look at my grammar mistakes.
I am a bisexual girl. I can't say to who i am attracted more and what i like on boys or on girls. In real life i am trying to hide it, because my school is cruel and mean. It is a big secret in my real life. Only my mother and my best friend know about it. I think in 99% i am never going to meet you. That's why i am not embarrassed to tell it.
I am single or something like that. I don't mind relationships on the internet, but yeah... I dated people here, they were and are assholes. (EXs - If you are reading this... Yes, you are.)
My name is Adéla, too many people asked me how do you pronounce it. Well... Like the singer Adele, but just at the end you need to say la instead of le. It's easy.
My age isn't important. I hate to tell it somebody.
I have brown eyes, red/purple hair to my neck and i wear glasses.
I get easily jealous. Really easily. I just don't talk about it.
I stalk people. Too often.
Sometimes i am just trying to be cute, but i can't help my inner crazy self.
I love people, especially my friends. They are my everything to me and i treasure them. I like meeting new friends too.
When i am don't answering fast, that means that i am busy to search on google how to write some english words.
I read too many mangas like: romantic boy x girl, yaoi and yuri too. I feel embarrassed to read yaoi and yuri.
I fell easily in love.

Thank you, I think that is enough for now.