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So you're trying to talk to me? And I suppose you "want to be friends"? Ha, I'm just humoring myself. You probably just want to meet the jinx- and yes, I AM aware of that nickname. The rumors are all over the place. You can thank that chatterbox Amaterasin for that. Anyway, now that you've seen me you better stay clear. If you don't, you just might get hurt- it might not be an accident, either.

Previous Character:
I am Iona Sterling, Huntress of the church of St. Alexander, which is also the name of the city I reside in. Kazmir and I joined the hunters one year ago, when the Father Sanosuke decided that the city needed more Hunters. Kaito wasn't very accepting of the church's decision at first, but he has actually begun to talk to us more.

The Hunters are the city's guardians. We keep the dangerous hybrid creatures out of the city. We're not sure where the hybrid creatures came from, but what we do know is that they were used in the Genetic War many years ago. Today, they have multiplied and spread across the northern and southern continents.

One year ago, an incident occurred that inspired me to become a Hunter. Today, I wonder if I have forgotten that inspiration...


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Sledgehammer Loon Report | 04/13/2018 3:43 pm
Wait- Who are you? And how did you know it's my birthday?
13Mizu-Chan13 Report | 10/06/2010 4:28 am
Not much, just tired =w=
13Mizu-Chan13 Report | 10/04/2010 7:50 pm
jes x) my mom changed her mind, though Idk why >w>
tlazoltlipoca Report | 03/25/2010 2:55 pm
uaaaa thanks
Kaji_Senju Report | 02/16/2010 3:03 pm
lol that would be funny.
Kaji_Senju Report | 02/15/2010 11:37 am
......but the L key didn't just break though right?
Kaji_Senju Report | 02/12/2010 7:50 pm
thered one?
Kaji_Senju Report | 02/08/2010 5:55 pm
tanks and btw it may be a sad song but it fits kaji cause you know he knows he's going to die and he always wonders whether or not the others would miss so lol ok maybe I shouldn't have laughed right there.
Kiato_hybrid Report | 10/08/2009 4:51 pm
Oh lol now I see. ha ha I'll get this fixed.
Kiato_hybrid Report | 10/08/2009 4:49 pm
lmao which song? What songs do I even have on his thingy?


Sometimes destruction is necessary.

Must it always be a tool for evil?