--x I like to think about things... A lot. Not just anything though, but everything. Dark reads are my favorite and I read all the time. I am a female by the way and currently in a wonderful (and small) university.

--x In 1993 the world became a better place as I was born then. I remember the nineties, I was deemed unmatchable and insulted on E-Harmony, and I have an addiction to fiction (and fan-fiction)... A career that takes me around the world is my dream.

--x Career Choice of the Week: Travelling Journalist

--x Follow my Tumblr! Desirable Me


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Brief Moments of Me

My Time... Whenever

This journal is what I write and how it goes around me, living in a small town with no mall or book stores.


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Happy Birthday!
Sophia LeStrange

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Sophia LeStrange

cool avi!

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thank you for the purchase!
Sophia LeStrange

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Sophia LeStrange

nothin much, how about you?


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