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Hi I'm Earl. I stalk you. c:
My real name's Rose Nguyen. I'm Viet. I'm 16.
call me url/html/lengthy/earl/rose/len please.
I'm straight. And yes, very much female.

"insert something meaningful to say.. u/c"

Peeps whom I love dearly.
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Thank you for having my back always, for brightening up my days, for understanding me, for dealing with my issues, and lastly: for not giving up on me even when I've long lost hope. I love you guys. You don't know how much. c:


Thank you for being the sweetest viet friend I've ever known. You're like a sister to me and I love you. I hope we'll meet up some day (being 5 blocks away for 2 hours does not count as meeting up) and dance in a herd of ducks together. You are definitely one of the few people that I want to keep for the rest of my life. <3
edit: And thanks for reminding me about the bánh flan haha. I'll treat you to some vietnamese yogurt also if your relatives haven't beaten me to it yet!


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Happy Birthday

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You know it ;D

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Happy Birthday Rose

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Why? Don't you love me ; u ;

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A long time ago bby XD

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Holy hell Rose thank you ; u ; And I'm not a manwhore so mean to me even though your being nice XD

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I've been good, just enduring a very stressful week.
How've you been? I've missed you so much. Dx

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Urlyyyyyy gonk heart

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Yeah. I keep forgetting a huge amount of Gaians are getting to that age were we are all finishing up college and getting careers and...ew. Basically growing up? crying Even saying that leaves a bad taste in my mouth! rofl Sadly, I still have a while to go. I have my BA and a few AA's, but I need my PhD! =/ So, I will still be in school for a while! Q Q Hopefully you won't have to suffer like I do though.

Are you finished/finishing up school soon as well? D: I hope you are able to get loads of rl commissions heart I'm not sure if you have a job or not, but any extra money helps. I will be sure to try and rl commission you (if you are not too busy) to try my best and help out any way I can <3

Actually, we went to Busch Gardens, Mossi(sp?) and Legoland! xd It was a lot more fun than I would have imagined! Just...hot! gonk It would be 90-110 with 60% humidity and up! God, it was horrible! My hair was out of control the entire time I was there. And it was just so...ugh. Muggy, groggy and hot! That is my only complaint. Other then that, it was fun! I enjoyed seeing moss grow on everything! OAO And their freakishly large ducks...and other strange animals I had no idea existed (like sugar gliders! People kept them as pets like Californians keep cats and dogs. It was so strange... Down there they all have ferrets, hedghogs, sugar gliders, and all sorts of other weird a** pets like micro mini pot bellied piggies!) It was an experience, thats for sure: rofl:

Oh gosh! ;A; End of a semester or something? I was not able to sign up for Summer or Fall, sadly because of all the moving I was doing. So I have to wait to continue in Spring of next year emo Until then, I just plan to find a good job and work my butt off!


hi i'm lengthy c:
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