ur time is up now ur mine

ur time is up now ur mine's avatar

Birthday: 03/28


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Shhhhh dont tell anyone i have another profile here on gaia.... i said shhhhh


what dark creature are you?:

You like blood, and a lot of it. Your the most sexual, and charming of the group, usually a big hit with the ladies/guys.

what anime element are you?:

You are a wind person... you know whats right and wrong you are always there for others but doesn't really wanna show it.

what crazy anime charactor r u?:

You are Dilandau!from Escaflowne. I don't know much about this loon. Even with the little I know of him, I know enough not to mess with him. I even know enough not to make EYECONTACT! I even know enough not to be in the same ROOM as him! He is a pyromaniac. He burns towns up. He burns people up. He burns squirrels. If there is something to burn, he will burn it. He will burn ANYTHING!

what lonely anime charactor r u?:

Your Result: Cloud from Final Fansty VII

What main anime charactor r u?(for girls only):

Your sweet and innociot.
Everyone loves you! Your great at sports and belong to a lot of clubs. You have trouble in math, , but you give it your all!
You can also have a bad temper at times and your also a scarty cat, but your kind and loyal and that's what counts!

what anime charactor r u?:

You Scored as Naruto Uzamaki
Congrats, you're the crazy li'l guy called Naruto from the serious Naruto! You're loud, crazy, and a little silly sometimes, but you know when to be serious. Now if only that special someone in your life liked you as much as you liked them, everything would be perfect.

what anime animal r u?:

You Scored as Hamtaro
Your Hamtaro. You like to sing and dance. You go on an adventure like everyday, just watch out for scary cat or it'll eat you o.o!


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Why thank you. <3
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Bryan Musa
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ilio wahine19
is commenting on ur self wrong?
yep, this is the other me,