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Hi I'm Madi 4laugh
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Hey there smile
My name is Madi. First person to talk to me wins!
I love Laughing
I love the ocean
I love Saturdays
I love cheerios
I don't love when people say something they don't really mean sad
I love life
I love my life
I LOVE sour patch kids. YUMM!
I REALLY love my friends
I don't love random friend requests
I appreciate people who look at my profile before they talk to me
I have A BUNCH of different accounts, you might remember me from one of them.
I might seem weird but I suppose I'm pretty cool
Go to my formspring and ask me questions~
I tend to burst into random song
If we talk a lot then you should add me on msn
If we talk even more than a lot then you should call me
PM me for my number
I'm sorry if I'm too random. I can't really control my randomness
I wanna go to England.
I'll give you a cookie
I like those cute little love quotes

I'm not telling you any more. I'm sorry. you have to find that out on your own.

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