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Boring Rant Time?

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I used to be in a guild called "Something They Dumped", but I guess I now own it.
Click the Guild with "STD" in the name to take you there, located in the "My Guilds" subsection.

Click for n***s. <3

I am an art whore. Drawing, receiving, or even discussing art makes me happy.
I adore roleplaying, but cannot find one that can keep my interest. /shrug
Except with Anbu-chan, who is an AWESOMELY EPIC roleplayer. ;D

Rae decided to wear a super-tight dress and torture Fal because he couldn't do anything...
This is what happens when we roleplay, seriously.

Anbu-chan says:
Unwritten Text says:
Anbu-chan says:
(xDDD "/Aura of Desperation activated")
Unwritten Text says:
("Plus 30 to Distraction skill, plus 3 bonus to Charisma")
Anbu-chan says:
("-9001 to Willpower")
Unwritten Text says:
("/activates Rae powers, victim must make save roll or suffer nosebleed")
Anbu-chan says:

Unwritten Text says (4:21 PM):
(Have I mentioned if I ever have a kid I'm speaking in an accent around it as it grows up? 8D )
Anbu-chan says (4:22 PM):
(That's brilliant.)
(Make it Jamaican.)


[Click for the answer to life]