Hi there! I'm known as Untrex here.
I don't really go on Gaia anymore, but I do drop in once in a blue moon.

You can find me poking around in forums or writing in my journal because I'm bored enough to come back on Gaia haha

Write a nice message to surprise me next time I'm back on! ninja


Some (random) things about me...
- Back in my day, I remember using gold as currency burning_eyes
- I like to play games, but don't play them often sad
- Currently watching volleyball bois

Past obsessions (I will add on to this list whenever I next log in as my interests change frequently): zOMG!, Kpop boy bands (Super Junior, Big Bang, MBLAQ, BTOB, Infinite, EXO, and more!), Kdramas (last watched It's Okay to Not be Okay), Parks & Rec, The Office (Dwight is my fav)