Larina Reiss Krusna

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Larina had a relatively pleasant childhood up until the age of six, when her Mother had been confronted by members of the local anti mutant/bio group and was briefly harassed over Larina's appearance and abilities before they simply took to her Mother with baseball bats and lead pipes.

They had gone after her as well and had nearly caught her if not for the fact that one of them grabbed her arm, tearing the sleeve off of her shirt and went to grab her again, only this time his hand came into contact with her bare flesh and she unwillingly absorbed him to the point where he crumpled to the ground in a coma.

She succeeded in escaping safely and proceeded to survive on the streets for the next few years until Hiroki discovered her hiding on his porch away from the rain one night and took her in, adopting her the next day. Larina thought that she had finally found the perfect life with a man that she called 'Father', but she was soon sorely mistaken when he began to run experiments on her, using her as his own private guinea pig on which to test out his sick theories.

Larina lived through day after day of nothing but pain and humiliation, even putting up with her supposed adopted Father's sick advances, the memory of him trying to touch her like that still makes her feel incredibly sick and angry, and the fact that she had absorbed his thoughts every time she came into contact with his bare skin just made things even worse.

Hiroki eventually found his demise at Rina's powers, having nurtured them to full strength. How he happened to come into skin to skin contact for that long is known only to Rina, who immediately escaped her home and eventually came into possession of a large warehouse that she had decided to fix up to use as her home and workplace to repair whatever was needed for some well earned money.

She currently runs around with a Cybertronian by the name of LaserStrike, going as far as to consider the alien cybernetic a good friend.