Tis Mee~~? o:

Ohai gais~~!
Welp this is probably my 4th account seeing how I was hacked too many times to count and this is my gaia resurrection after about a year of not being on it.
So hurray for for starting fresh. heart
Honestly I'm not TOO social however whenever I do talk I'm very articulate and (in some cases) very mellow. *shrugs* But I'm not all bad... at least I don't think I am.
Moving on...

User Image<--- Yup, right there, that's me.
Well here's a little bit about me:
Currently, I am attending high school in Massachusetts, studying the trade of Computer Technology. My goal is to go to college (I was recently accepted into The Art Institute of Jacksonville, Florida) to be a professional video game designer and/ or 3D animator.
Favorite Game(s): The Legend of Zelda Series, God of War Series and Fable Series, Shadow of the Colossus, Heavy Rain and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl.

Well since you know my favorite game, you might as well know a few other of my favorites.
Color: Purple
Animal: Panda
Sea Animal: Hammerhead Shark
Anime: Soul Eater
Drink: Milk, Egg Nog, Arizona Tea
Food: Bacon

[-]Untimely Resurrection [-]


Birthday: 12/02

The Common Me

GaiaName: Untimely Ressurection
GaiaNickname: Rez
Real Name: Christine
Nickname: Kitty

Birthplace: Born in Springfield, Massachusettts.
Birth date: December 2nd
Age: 18

The Details :
>I am 5’7 (weight 130 lbs).
>I currently have 4 layers of alternating red and blonde hair
>I have chocolate brown eyes.
>I am the middle child in my family between two brothers.
I am Puerto Rican, Jamacian, Italian, Native American, Indian, Phillipine, and Brazilian.
>I know English, Spanish, and currently learning Japanese.

My Everything: Justin { x }


Little peekers .__.

Don' be anti-social c:

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