Hello Everyone!

Name: Ryan
Surname: B...i hear you can hacked or robbed if i put this down XD
Age: 11
Sex: Male
Other: ...am i forgetting anything? o ya...I AM CANADIAN XD!

Hello , ppl of the Gaian (Gay-an) world! smile If you are just here to put some trash-talk...well then go ahead XD! i have been with gaia since the biggining of the school year (I know, ima newbie XD). Its been a great ride, and i have met many friends. I have learned alot about myself, and that of others as well. It first started out with Gothic Ange1 showing me here, and soon all my friends have joined =]. Now im not alone XD (but i think even if they didnt join, the GD would keep me occupied XD). i remeber when i first joined, i started as a n00b...and lol now i have a great avi and a non-n00bish attitude. Ive done alot of things on gaia, most of it on my old account... crying ! In April i was hacked! BUT I NEVER LEFT U GAIA!LOL , though, ovr the summer, ive been going more on Maplestory (for more, scroll down XD) BTW...Old Account:emo_prince_loves_you...Hmm....what am i questing.. what? umm...well....if u guys really wanna donate somtin...gold would be nice...i mean...may avi is perfect for me right now...not questing anything now...lol XD XD XD

MAJOR EDIT! I am now questing something, and its real expensive, so guys, PLZ DONATE! IM BEGGING U! The item im questing is (drumroll plz LOL lessi) KIKI KITTY!

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U know, ive donated so much...maybe 50k or so to my friends lol. Why not give some love back, eh? XD

XD XD XD so....lol lookie at my master piece!

User Image

^^^ XD Thats Me XD ^^^

Yup, they are that great, the get there own special section! Man, i love those guys. I started out at my school, Sommerville Manor, at the age of 3, turning four. It was the year 2000. I walked into the Junior Kindergarden room, shyly and walked all the way to the end. There I met a burly boy, and he asked "Want to be my friend?". I didnt hesitate to say no. We are now, and still, best friends. Now, in grade 6, almost in grade 7, i would say only 5 or 4 of those JK kids are still at Sommerville (including me). I have lost many friends,and gained many friends as well. Its been a long ride for me, but what i can t belive is that i still have another 70 years to live XD! Erg....my mom just interupted me...O, FOUND IT! XD XD XD! So, a long time ago i was doing this sheet for health, and it said what were my top 3 influences. They were: 1. Friends and Peers (see, i told you, my friends are like the most important part of my life! 2. Parents (duh!) 3. Music. When i told that to the class my teahcer questioned me. He asked "Why Music". I was kinda scared what to say. I really didnt know why i put music down, but i told him "I needed it thre. Music is a part of me, thats very important. My feelings, you know..." I drifted off, and the next person stated thier top three...i have a gf u know. Her username is michelleruiz1995. heart heart heart i love her sooo much, and whenever she is gone i miss her like a monkey misses its bannanas XD!

I guess ive already talked about my friends, but i have an amazing family. Sadly i have no siblings. I would really love a baby sister...well, i kinda do...since i was five ive had a baby sister. My Dog! XD She is an American Cocker Spaniel, black, and i love her so much. BTW, her name is Bubbles. Doesnt it sound cute even thinking about her...that sentence made NO sense at all.
Also...if we are talking about gaming, i do play Maplestory! My char is UNLAB3L3D, so search/whisper me Maplers!
Also, i am a HUGE fan of yugioh, which i play everyday! I play a Semi-Synchro Gladiator Beast deck, so i will always kick ur a** in a duel XD

...i know, i make no sense...

***Unsliced Bread : The Best Thing Before Sliced Bread***


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Report | 08/26/2010 1:54 pm


i like ur avi
sexy danity

Report | 11/21/2008 4:11 am

sexy danity


Report | 09/26/2008 1:46 pm


no, it says your 11 on your about me.

Report | 09/25/2008 8:00 am


HA! I knew you would say that.
sorry to bother you.
that was VERY random

Report | 09/22/2008 2:29 pm


oh, weird.
I'm 11 too.
actually, that isn't that weird...

Report | 09/19/2008 4:54 am


Whats up?

Report | 09/19/2008 4:50 am


hey!!!! BOO!

Report | 09/16/2008 5:15 am


Ryan, how do you get the body thing on your avatar?
I Jazzeh

Report | 09/05/2008 5:14 pm

I Jazzeh

recess, good times, good times xD
wait. lemme say something else... THAT WAS EPIC.
and one more time..

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