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Report | 02/15/2014 7:11 am


What kind of rp?
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Report | 02/15/2014 6:59 am


Pretty good, just hanging out looking for a RP partner :3 how are you?
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Report | 02/14/2014 8:03 pm


                  It's going good! I have a headache from too much salty food (mmm, those sunflower seeds) but other than that, I am just dandy. I spent most of today drawing up a new RP. It's taglined as "cyberpunk magical girls" at the moment, though it's actually co-ed and more like a dystopian mega-corp mafia sort of deal....
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Report | 02/14/2014 7:52 pm


You're beautiful, as always.
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Report | 02/14/2014 7:42 pm


                  oh my god

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Report | 04/11/2013 4:18 pm

Ominous Mao

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Report | 04/08/2013 5:13 pm

cheapjokes n such

Glad you noticed, lol And it's an honor that I made your day ^_^
Sadly, I can't say I'm a regular viewer of Head Trip. Actually, I haven't been reading any web comics as of late... sweatdrop
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Report | 04/08/2013 3:16 pm

Javier Cross

I was gonna ask if you ever role-played before but after your comment, I found no need to ask the question. redface

I take it as you read on the Potter-world before, by any chance?

As to convey how I am feeling, I am feeling happy that I have met you, I'll even let Garth have a command, 'Party on, Garth!' ^_^

Yes, I am using Capchas with Italics.
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Report | 04/08/2013 2:31 pm

Javier Cross

How is your keyboard by chance? ^_^

Pleased to meet you.
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Report | 04/05/2013 3:16 pm


Mhm. c:
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Report | 04/05/2013 2:33 pm


Why hello again. :'D I missed you bunches.
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Report | 03/30/2013 4:19 pm


Thanks...but I can't recall what I wrote...BUT THANK YOU!!!!
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Report | 03/19/2013 7:02 pm


No probs Gangnam Horse cool
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Report | 03/19/2013 11:49 am


Hey Mindy, can I make another little roleplay for us. I had an idea for a bug themed chat-style rp.
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Report | 03/15/2013 5:04 pm


It's okay Mindy. Google The Violet Stranger. Also, I suggest reading Cities of Silver, A Nessecary Void and The Scent of Tears. The first short story is ine, the other 3 are my fave Shadows of the Apt short stories.
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Report | 03/15/2013 9:27 am


:'c Is your answer no Mindy?
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Report | 03/14/2013 5:56 pm


It's an alternate take one of the short stories I'm writing called Amber's Call. This rp is called Guardians of Amber. Essentially the three heroes from my Amber trilogy (which is more tragedy than romance and very unlike this rp because of that), Ryon the Roach-kinden, On Ji the Grasshopper-kinden and Amareth the Ladybird-kinden are all delivering a special necklace to the Monarch of the Dragonfly Commonweal. Ryon and On Ji are Amareth's friends and protectors (there's some slight contest for Ryon's affections between the two girls which tests the friendship of all three) and are helping her at the request of Ama's master (she's a servant), an old Jewel-kinden who I've not named yet. As they travel they are beset by a mysterious Assassin Bug-kinden who is attempting to do what he does best. The Assassin Bug (also not named atm >< ) Sense a terrible magical power within the necklace and is trying to stop them from delivering it. So basically it's a long delivery quest type rp with some danger, mystery and romance thrown in.
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Report | 03/14/2013 5:04 pm


Mine-dee! Come join a private RRRRR-P with MMMMMMMMMMM-E! emotion_bigheart Juuuuuuuuuuuust WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-E TH-RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-E .... or foooooooooooooour ... MAY-BEE? c:
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Report | 03/14/2013 11:35 am

ok i luv u byebye

Haha, no probs. B-)
It suits you.
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Report | 03/06/2013 5:17 am


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