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About Me:

Hey there!
I'm Alexa,
but ya'll can just call me Alex!
- 22 year old fox lady
Zax, a Gaia buddy, inspired me to give my avi
the character of a fox lady;
most of the time, I'm going to be an
autumnal one (since autumn is my fave season)
reason why most of the time, my avi is
going to be orange even if it's not even my fave color. lmao
but, there will be days when I feel like going
as another kind of fox - am I.. making sense..?
- straight, young lady, single since birth, until
last July 2016 when I met a really
cool guy (say hi to my awesome boyfriend. blaugh )
- proper Med freshman, aims to become a cardiologist
- Gemini! aye
- born in Milan, Italy, but a pure Filipina (i.e., of Philippine blood)
- really friendly, so pls talk to me! I don't bite
- talkativeness depends on the interlocutor
(but generally speaking, I become really
talkative once I get comfortable with someone)

- I value friendship so much. be my friend and you'll be
more precious than all the gold in the world! hah
- CHIKEN. anything made of chicken.
anything! that! has! chicken! in it! chicken.
- CHEESE. same thing with chicken
- anything blue, gray, beige, blood red or olive green.
that's right, that's my top 5 favorite colors
-coffee. brings me back to life
- music. it runs in my veins instead of blood
- books. especially those that bring me to a whole new world
those that make me dream with my eyes wide open
not those that give me headaches in school lmao
- hot chocolate. another stress reliever
- autumn. best season ever!!
- I love adventures, from the most extreme to simple walks
that's because I've got strict parents and I'm never allowed
to expose myself to such activities :c
- i love talking. I love voicing out opinions and hearing other people's
I love talking even if sometimes, I make
-0.01 sense
..uh, never mind.
if I start the list now, it won't ever end.
just don't be an a*****e/b***h to me and we're good
This is me!
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Let's be friends!
I don't bite. Really.
I promise.


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Alex's Random Journal

This will be the randomest journal you'd ever come across with. It might range from serious topics to the food I had the day before. Want to know more? Keep reading! (PS: time is based on Philippine Standard Time.)


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Alex. F. 22. The autumnal fox lady.


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