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night_tenjo20 Report | 04/26/2019 10:07 am
So other then all that, what else have you been up to?
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/25/2019 6:08 pm
As it always does
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/25/2019 1:43 am
Lol just got zoned out
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/24/2019 7:18 pm
Lol i would have said "you can shove it up yours"
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/24/2019 6:20 pm
Lol that sounds like my last job
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/24/2019 2:05 pm
A job is a job, sometimes you can't complain
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/24/2019 10:37 am
What do you do again?
Some kind of bookkeeping right?
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/23/2019 10:17 am
Alright for right now and yourself?
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/23/2019 9:11 am
Lol yea ^^
night_tenjo20 Report | 04/22/2019 1:18 pm
Lol that's funny. It reminds me of back then when it was my younger brother birthday and my younger cousin of 4 did the same thing


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