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was born in Greece♥

true story
♥ draws chibi's all the time
♥ a dancer who is horrible at DDR
♥ lives off the internet #needsalife
♥ has a fetish for scene hair
♥ listens to a lot of pop/jpop, indie/pop rock, & techno.
♥ loves her bamf
♥ too many things are pink here classified_fu
♥ can't sit down for a whole movie
♥ enjoys mmporgs & mmos
♥ obsessively watches MLP
♥ sickly twisted
♥ bunnies are cute
♥ free avi art makes my heart go "doki doki".

Currently Watching:
Free!, Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% (too much of a reverse Harem though), SAO, Code Geass, NANA.
Currently Playing: nothing atm

Art recieved:

♥ ~ wishlist ~ ♥

• kotobuki bento box
• bento box cookbook
• rice molding stencils
• lolita shoes
• more avi art
• a nintendo 3ds (FE:A emotion_bigheart )
• a cherry blossom pattern umbrella
• a newer and more advanced drawing tablet
• a bunny mask/suit
• clothes from bodyline yokoso