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Mai Dream Avi.
I'm gonna have it in one week.
Mark Mai words.
Tank chu<3
If you wanna help, You can by buying a sign from my shop.

Avi Art!!!

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Different. Strange. Unusual.
One word, so many meanings.
One word, so little use.
One word, so much to hide.
But does it?
It Shows that it's true colors match no other.
It Shows nothing compares to it's intrigue.
It Shows the Truth.
Dancing into and out of reality,
Taunting and teasing conformity.
Taking the confines of same and twisting them,
Stretching them.
Not Once does Unique stop to think,
"What would people say?"
Because Unique doesn't care.
Which Is why, beyond a doubt,

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Go ahead. Read it. I dare you.
If I ever told Anyone all that I truly am,
Their Sanity would be severely threatened.
I'm everything, and nothing at once.
I change my mind a lot, so what.
I'm never the same person twice.
People have called me ignorant, stubborn, and crazy.
Honestly, I find it a compliment.
Albert Einstein Did.
I find fun in the small things often. Don't mind my ADHD.
I'm always thinking, but I won't share my thoughts with anyone.
Not because I'm selfish, because it backfires too much.
I can be your guiding angel, or your demon.
I am not easy to get along with, but a select few have figured out the secret.


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My poems, thoughts, and maybe some pictures I REALLY like.


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