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The names Tragedie but people call me Autumn
Born December 17 1990

If you dont have respect for yourself you wont get any from me. Everyones changing. For the best or for the worst, it doesnt matter. Its best to focus on the present than the past. Its something Ive come to learn, and soon you will too. Ive been gone from the scene for about two months and no one even noticed. To be honest, there were only about four people Ive kept in contact with. Shows how much you all cared about me, my friends. Ill re-appear soon. Not as the little, naive, stupid, easily influenced innocent girl you loved. I'm someone different. Something better. I don't hold grudges for an extremely long time, I always give in eventually. People take me too seriously on this website. Stop trying to scratch up an opinion from my about me. You see what I want you to see and nothing more. I look how I do because it makes me feel good about myself, not because its the latest trend. I don't want to be like all the other girls on Gaia,with the same poses, clothes, make-up, hair and personality. I want to be original, but I know I'm not and never will be. Original doesn't exist anymore, everything's been done. I'm a personal perfectionist and Ill never stop trying to improve the way I look. Yes I am vain. Id rather admit it than put myself down in order to get a few insignificant compliments that Ill forget within the hour. I'm blunt. Its one of my quirky charms, if you don't like it, don't talk to me, simple as. I love all genres of music, check my music list. If you want to stereotype me because i like a certain genre of music go ahead ;] Don't take anything written above so personal. At the end of the day I'm human, just like you. Im actually a nice girl. So if you've got good grammar and conversational skills, drop me a comment or message me

i have a techno heartbeat


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Fa kiu xD

Im going to marry this kid oneday lol, hella awesome but love ya Joshi Pooh! dont f'''''' mess with with him =^-^=

Ninja is the oldest person on my friends :DD