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Hello and welcome to my store. Bowse around and pick out something you either like, want to get from your wishlist really badly or just a gift for someone special.

My stock is all at low, low prices (or as far as I can take them).

I hope that you will find something that you are looking for or that you fancy at the time. Thank you!


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Hello to you, unholy-angel13 here (I'm thinking about changing my user name), and welcome to my page of stuff about me and what I like.

Look around my page; add a comment if you like.

I'm always changing my videos and I'm going to change them (my videos) to the Angry Video Game Nerd or AVGN; as some people like to call him, and the Nostaglia Critic; he remembers it so you don't have to!
You have to be 18 years or older, little sister not included.

Go to my journal if you like. I'm a comedy writer and I know how to make people laugh...some people. Like my evil little sister. She takes out all the fun out of everything.

Anyway, I will post up my journal writing that you will most likely laugh your head off or piss yourself laughing if you've drank too much water:

Top 10 Villains: Completed

Dreams: Completed

The 10 Villains That I Admirer: Uncompleted

I would go on writing for a really long time, but I'm too tired too...well not tired, um...lazy was what I was going for!

I'm just going to tell you the basics about myself:

Name: Why the hell do you care?! I'm just telling you just to make you laugh!

User name: unholy-angel13

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Birth stone: Diamond

What I want to be when I grow-up: Comedian/Artist/Author

Favourite Sea Animal: Bottlenosed Dolphin

Favourite Farm Animal: Horse (I don't care what colour he/she is!)

Favourite Jungle Animal: Tiger (They are sooooooo beautiful!)

Favourite Bird: Crow (They are very smart animals and are really beautful!)

Favourite Flower: Sakura blossom

Favourute Movie: Patch Adams -
- I think it's a great movie based on a true story staring Robin Williams as Patch Adams. He wanted to be emotionally connected with the patients; young and old, that were in pain with fun and love.
He was the first one who started up the clown doctors.

October Sky -
- I like this movie based on the true story about the four rocket boys and what they had to go through to get noticed as teenagers in a town that was dieing. I also love the violin solo. I think that it very sad yet lifting.

My Favourite Saying: 'Who and the what what?' (When I'm confused by what people are saying or don't give a crap, I say that. It's my own personal saying).

My Favourite Saying in Another Language: 'Vendetta! Vendetta!!' (I'm a little bit Italian by blood and I love the way 'vendetta' flows right off your tonuge...by the way, vendetta means 'revenge' in english. So if someone says 'vendetta' to you; HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!).

I like to draw at the computer on Paint (but very rarely) and on some sketch pads. I'm a pretty good drawer, but I can't show you. Why I can't show you my art is because we (my family) don't have a cord on the scanner. We have a scanner; for the pages that we want to copy and hand into school or someone close to us or just put up in our rooms.
Until then, you'll just have to go with my word on being a good drawer.

Old man: Tell them, Homer. They have a right to know.

Homer Simpson: Who the hell are you?

Old man: Why do you care? I'm telling you what you want to hear.

Animated Blitzwing: Mayday! Mayday! Lets all dance around ze maypole!

Bart Simpson: (Thinking) Oh my God! My sister is my best friend!

Lisa Simpson: (Thinking) Oh my God! My brother is my best friend!

Marge Simpson: (Thinking) Diamonds! I can't believe he got me diamonds!

Homer Simpson: (Thinking) Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the baldest one of all?

Man from Scary Movie 4: It's no more of a war then there's a war between men and maggots. Or dragons and wolfs. Or men riding dragons, throwing wolfs at maggots.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Isn't Lugia and Arcanine really beautiful! They are two of my many favourite Poke'mon!

I do like silly anime and cartoons like Poke'mon, Transformers Animated, The Simpsons and such. I even like the more adult anime like Elfen Lied, Hell Girl and Death Note! But don't we all have a inner children inside of us; whether you like child-like cartoons and video game?!

Well, if you don't then SCREW YOU!!

User Image

Ah, The Joker! You may not know this but we have a lot in common!

For example: we both love to see people get hurt, uh...we like bright flashs and fireworks (^-^ YAY!!), we like guns and knifes, we like pain (for me, I only like a little bit of pain...I'm a fully-grown woman and I know what's going to happen when I want to have kids!) and we both hate our fathers' to the max!!!


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Unholy-angel13's Journal

Stuff, stuff and more stuff.

avgn: bugs bunny

avgn: moonwalker

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