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Me and My life (not yours)

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

'Ello Lads and Lasses!
I believe in Literacy
and I'm an enthusiastic writer too!
Roleplaying, Fanfictions, poems, short stories:
You name it, I've done it!
Want me to check out yours?
I'd be happy to! Pm it on over!
Want to bounce off ideas too?
Go ahead and contact me!
I enjoy a number of eclectic music artists.
Cage the Elephant to Queen.
Just let there be Rock n' Roll!
I plan on becoming a Medical Scientist.
Big dream eh?
I'm friendly and open,
so if you want to Pm me,
the more random the much more better!!!
See you later loves!


"Sometimes I picture America as a person and think that, like a person, out entire nation has an inner self. If so, does our nation recognize that it has an inner self, does it nourish that inner self, listen to its breathing in order to know who America is and what it believes in and where it is going? If citizens of that nation, like me, have lost something of our inner selves, then what of the nation as a whole? If our nation cannot listen to its inner self, how can it listen to others? If our nation cannot grant itself true inner freedom, then how can it allow freedom for others? How can it bring itself into a respectful understanding and harmonious coexistent with other nations and cultures, so that we might truly contribute to peace in the world."

Alan Lightman
"Prisoner of the Wired World"