I am from Northern-California/Humboldt County!
I am an MMA fighter and am training for April 2nd, which is my next set of fights.

I am:
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170Ibs
Eye: Gold/Green
Hair: Shaved head
Body mods: Many tattoos and piercings.

I have not been on gaia at all for a very long time, I am re-learning and starting to RPG again with a more toned down method of RPG...Stuff was getting crazy years ago and I had to check myself.
Anywho I am a positive type guy looking to have fun.


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Darkness of the shadow

We as mortals get to thinking of life as a great and wonderful thing, While at the same time we look upon death as a vicious and evil creature that stalks and hunts us unfairly.
And through it all we forget to see that all death is, is the return to what we once each alreayd were.
For all of us are but shadows and dust.
Here today...And gone tomorrow.

Poetry, Thoughts and feelings about life or whatever has happened recently in my life.


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Moonbeam City

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Moonbeam City

thanks for the buy!

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Well, at least you are still all in once piece after all these years.

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dude i'm at high school OMG i forgot how old r u?

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Welcome back from the dead shadow.
I take it you had a well rest.


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What is cold as ice, Dark as night and hollow as the wind?...For the answer ask me.