my name is lisa aka unfolded c:

-scroll down-

call me lisa / unfolded/ folded/ unfold/ etc ♥ that's all i came up of. o:
i live in california /
i live in teh exchange.
my birthday is april 28th
happily taken♥♥
im asian. c:
i have a weird but amazing life
i love everyone.
these people on my profile are awesome , bring joy & laughter to me ,
kind , special , one of a kind , & i love them. c: <3
they make my day wonderful , make me laugh , & bring a smile to my face (◕‿◕。)
you should add me on skype // lisalikesyummycookies
ik ik, that username is beautiful. c:
i like the colours lavendar , celeste , silver , white, orange, and bluee.
feel free to add me, im accepting randoms now >w>
feel free to add me if i talked to you before. like exchange or pm or whatever. c:
gifts are appreciated, ill love yous forever <3.
i dont want to be a boring person so ill try to be amusing. ahem, not really.
i want to make people smile more ◕ ◡ ◕
pm me if you need something , even chat with me if you wanna c:
i love smiles & laughs.
i dont want to be mean or harsh to anyone.
i have alot of amazing people in my life that makes my day better & better.
party animals O:
a cheesey photo.
i'm a very lame happy person

the end. c:
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