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:l i am not sure what to right here :


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Me My Frands And My Life

I Create

I Create -Avi Art-TekTeks-Songs/Poems
If You Want One- Pm Me For Details

About me


Age- I Forgot

Favs-Black/Pink-Ramen Noodles Or Rice-Music-Writing/Drawing

Living-Not Your Right To Know

Bio-I am the 3rd Oldest In My Family I Baby Sit I Lived Half My Life With Out A Mom And Constantly Moving I Lost Alot OF Friends And Family And My Goal Now Is To Get Them Back I Love Being With people But Times I Need To Be Alone Leave Me The Hell Alone. I Have Issues Kinda A Mental Health Kinda Deal And All But Its Fine. Please Dont Call Me A lier Because I Am Not I Hate To Lie And If You Have Some Thing To Say About me Say It To My Face.And If Your Questioning I Do Some Times Cut Myself To Help With My Pain.Yes It Is An Issue And I Am Irish I Believe In God To A point I Think Obamma Rocks I Hate Bush And Loving Spongebob!! SORRY TRISTEN!! JkJk ^. ^ I Belong To Mi Tristen razz I Luv Him < 3 : D Lol Hes So Funni And Amazing Not as Much as Me Though Lol Lov U Tristen~

Okay Thats All~ Buh Bia

Nvm!! I Need You People To Join My Roleplays!! You Go In Fourms And Type My User So You Can Find My Roleplays But Please Follow My Rules!!