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Gender: Female

Birthday: 10/31

Why, Hello Stalkers

Loveless Misheru on 10/31/2022
HornyHippy on 09/27/2020
Konekone-kun on 06/26/2020

This is me. I'm Lame

Veteran user from 2008.

Name: Jane Doe (but you may call me Corpsie)
Level 27, I'll level up on Halloween
Place of Origin is The Shire
Feline fanatic
Night Owl
Winter is my aesthetic
All around trash.

I bite. Message me.

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Thanks yeoliepop for the art!!


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Imagine having a username Report | 09/08/2018 7:15 pm
Imagine having a username
Definitely not shady wink
Imagine having a username Report | 09/08/2018 6:10 pm
Imagine having a username
Dont mind me just stalking you for a bit ninja
IAmYourJustice Report | 04/13/2017 12:03 am
. -.
IAmYourJustice Report | 04/03/2017 7:00 pm
Acroterion Report | 04/01/2017 10:48 pm
Thank you for the amazing night, i enjoyed it very much too cutie, we shall do calls like those again.
IAmYourJustice Report | 04/01/2017 7:45 pm
IAmYourJustice Report | 03/30/2017 9:43 pm
looking forward to it~
Acroterion Report | 03/30/2017 8:56 pm
Then i am in luck i have to admit heart my type you ask? well you are right up my alley honestly, it's been such a pleasure talking with you, calling you soon, cute pie.
Acroterion Report | 03/30/2017 8:16 pm
Oh really? haha that's so endearing to know, i am positive it will be a delightful night too then , so cupcake, what is your type of guy?
IAmYourJustice Report | 03/30/2017 8:13 pm
Ill pm you my Skype <3