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☠ Caeden//Ghost ☠
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22 | ♐ | Gray-Asexual | Non-Binary | Taken
He/Him, They/Them Pronouns!

So You Can Throw Me To The Wolves!
Tomorrow I Will Come Back Leader Of The Whole Pack.

Likes; Supernatural, Destiel, Dean, Castiel, Some Animes, Rainbows, Black, Red, Purple, Fire, Pokemon, Inverted Crosses, Demons, Blood, Gore, Music, Kingdom Hearts, Horns, Rats, Nighttime, Vampires, Roleplaying, Rain, Thunder, Lightening, 1967 Black Impalas, Chevrolet, Books, Animal Crossing, Plaid, Candles, Ice Cream, Bats, Being Alone, African Wild Dogs, Roses, Cherry Scented Things, Cherry Flavoring, Space, Galaxies, Stars, Skulls, Skeletons, Bones, Feathers, Wings, Crystals, Horror, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, JackSepticEye

Dislikes; Humanity, Summer, Heat, Siblings, Fresh Strawberries, Yellow, Most Breeds Of Dogs, Lies, Betrayal, Backstabbing, Liars, Two-Faced People, Homophobes, Ford, Spineless People, Fake People, Insects, Morning, Feeling Alone

Art by; floraye and TheCinderLover